Awkward Eyes- Sailor Moon Crystal 17 -MS 15

Sono and Ammit discuss the latest Sailor Moon Crystal. Makoto is awesome. Asanamu and Chibi-Usa are adorable. Usagi and Mamoru feel like teens parents. Prince Demande is a creeper and Petz makes us slightly uncomfortable.

Rubeus can’t even look at Petz right now. She might slap him for staring.

SMC 17 – Secret – Sailor Jupiter

Meat & Veggies


-Usagi and the girls go to CROWN Games to meet up, but Chibi-Usa has tagged along unbeknownst to Usagi so they play a while in the arcade until Usagi is in high spirits and Mamoru tells Chibi-Usa she should go, so the girls can get to work.

-The girls have found no trace of Ami or Rei and worry that Black Moon has taken them out of their reach. They remark on the insidious manner in which Black Moon has infiltrated their lives and conclude that they are likely after Chibi-Usa who they resolve to protect.

-Chibi-Usa has a memory of Silver Millennium and what appears to be Masked Mamoru and Usagi kiss and embrace in view of a cheering crowd.

-Chibi-Usa is out of the Tsukino house sad when a voice she seems to call Pluto comes from Luna-P and cheers her up with a little magic.

-Mamoru (seems to get up from off the ground where he was sleeping or reading and) sees Chibi-Usa all alone. He touched her shoulder to get her attention, and shared a vision of a massive explosion with her. He doesn’t let on that he had seen it and comforts her, while wondering what it was.

-Prince Demande looks upon Ami and Rei, wondering if they are like the Queen, borrowing the power of the LSC to stay eternally youthful. He says he can’t wait to destroy the LSC and see the look on “that woman’s” (the Queen’s [which queen? ]) face.

-Petz Volunteers to avenge her fallen sisters by capturing Makoto

-Asanamu sees Luna talking as Mamoru and Usagi discuss him fixing the Luna-P ball, where Chibi-Usa came from and how they might protect her and find Ami and Rei.

-Makoto, who gets static charged when she’s sick is feeling under the weather, is escorted home by Asanamu who she tells about get parents’ death years ago in a plane crash.

-In Makoto’s apartment (they have rose tea and she apparently has a green thumb) Asanamu is overwhelmed after hearing some strange things on the news, so she clues him into the fact that she and her friends are destined to fight evil. He says he wishes he could be as string as she is and takes her hand, saying he’d protect her if he had any powers. Makoto kisses him on the forehead.

-After Asanamu promises not to tell anyone about Makoto and her friends he leaves and she collapses.

-Minako calls Makoto who doesn’t answer, then calls Usagi to report that Makoto may be in danger.

-Petz, eldest of the 4 Spectre Sisters has sent out viruses that mark people for death and replacement by droids. Usagi and Minako arrive just in time to see Makoto destroy her would be imposter. This is such a neat plan on Petz’s part. Is the Black Moon supposed to be about infiltration?

-Jupiter is weakened by the virus and becomes trapped in Petz’s dark lightning sphere even though Usagi destroyed her. Rubeus remarks that Prince Demande is playing a cruel game and takes Makoto away.



-Chibi-Usa seems Luna-P into Usagi’s room to cheer her up as she thinks about Ami and Rei.

-Usagi complains that Mamoru is only sweet to Chibi-Usa and is bothered by Chibi-Usa calling him Mamo-chan when she sees the Tuxedo Mask doll Mamoru had given her.

-Wiseman chides him and magically vanishes. (WISEMAN is so cool!)

-In Makoto’s apartment (they have rose tea and she apparently has a green thumb)

-Petz sure has some design. Is this new? Does it seem very nipple-centric? That’s almost all I picked up.


What was the best line of the episode?

Best Line 1: “I’ll make you feel so much regret, it’ll leave you numb!”


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The opening for this episode was performed by Josh Aggarado whose work can be found on Youtube and his site, please check out all the other cool music there.

The awesome closing was adapted and performed by 18moptop who does lots of English language anime covers

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