Of Sentai And Rider Dubs – Rider Jump 1

The unKamenCrew is back with another Rider Jump for your listening pleasure. The topic this episode was supposed to be “Reflections of Kamen Rider in other media and the West,” but quickly turns to discuss: whether or not a Metal Hero is as equally creditable to Ishinomouri as a Super Sentai, the muddled history of what would be Kamen Rider Stronger being the inspiration for Goranger and Sentai snobbery from original Power Ranger fans, the realization that SPD is American Dekaranger and much more.

Waiting for a potato jelly bar.

Because Ammit promised this for some reason in the intro, this is an insight into the structure for our discussion of Fourze 17-32:

-Was this middle arc a waste? We’re going to discuss this, and we hope you have an opinion too.

-People who think it wasn’t a waste: what about it enriched the story and furthered people’s existing arcs?

Do they particularly like Meteor?

-People who think it was:

what did they want to see?

what was disrupted?

which threads were dropped and never picked up again?

Was there anything to redeem it at all?

-How did the new elements relate to the old (i.e. how do Meteor’s motifs relate to Fourze’s, how does his friendship plot relate to Gentaro’s?

-Why did they introduce a new Tachibana, how does he relate to the older ones, etc etc)

You can reach us through @unKamenRX or the show’s inbox to submit any questions, suggest topics for future shows or just let us know how we’re doing.

This episode’s hosts can be reached @TrialOfHeroes for Ammit, @TheImposter for Jonathan and @SonoYourFace for Sono.

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