Sanjou Loved Gou And Hated Kiriko -Drive 14-20-RX! 098

Today we’re putting Drive to the test as speedy as we can, as we cover:

14 Who Is the Dark Shadow Chasing Her?

15 When Will Her Feelings Break Through?

16 What has Sawamura Rinna So anxious?

17 Who controls Dead Heat?

18 Why did Lt. Otta Chase Him?

19 What Will judge the Police?

20 How Long Has Saijou Kyu Been A Roimude

Thanks for the cool GIF Masatokusaka

Facts-What we know, know about the plot and characters of the show


-Gou wants to hide the fact that Chase was ProtoDrive from Kiriko

-Nanoa Lira is being stalked by a Roimude and visits the SCU for protection

-Muramasa Mamoru is her agency’s president. He cools down all the SCU’s fan-flipping-out over Nanoa

-The Chief has a daughter

-Brain dispatches chase to reset an errant Roimude. Chase hesitates, but leaves to follow orders. Brain and Medic wonder what will happen to Chase once he remembers fully who he was.

-Gou calms Gen’s objections to him acting as Nanoa’s bodyguard by offering intel on a stalking suspect: Sunuhara Tadashi who dresses up in order to get close to and gift Nanoa.

-Gou is actually there to “protect” Kiriko by destroying chase the next time he gets the chance.

-Gou lets the actual Roimude stalker get away by being a showy ass, which leads to Sunuhara getting attacked and turned blue. The Roimude leaves behind a tarot card of the Fool Arcana.

-Kyu uses Gou’s photographs to find that the Roimude is mimicking Sakaki Kouichi, a makeup artist who uses his position to get close to them. He stalks them, once he’s been rejected.

WTF! Gen pulls his gun on an unarmed civilian locked up in a jail cell… He believes that this Sakaki in costudy is a Roimude, but still that is an unwarranted level of force being used, especially after he put Sunuhara in a choke-hold right before the Roimude attacked earlier.

-There are two Roimude. Sakaki’s is a bat type that was trying to terrorize Nanoa and then “steal her heart,” but the hooded bat Roimude with the tarot cards is protecting her. That is why he attacked Sunuhara.

-Drive and Mach are close to destroying Sakaki’s Roimude when Chase shows up to 1) stop them 2) destroy them and 3) reset the Roimude. He gets distracted by Kiriko for a moment, then gets a repetition of his memory compelling him to protect the humans. He ignores the directive and Tomari’s questioning of his motives, saying he must destroy the Kamen Riders.

-Brain rains down fire, thawing Sakaki’s frozen Roimude, saying he’ll give 069 another chance before giving up on the failure. Brain supes up 069 with a few Viral Cores (I assume) and he turns into a bat car which abducts Kiriko.

-Gou and Chase follow Kiriko and Shinnosuke who is hanging on via Hooking Wrecker’s hook. Suddenly Chase falls off his bike as the two motorcycles sync up and become Ride Crosser… a little car that drives backwards, shoots and grappling hook carries itself into the air.

-Chase wonders why the bikes combined. Brain explains it’s because he is really Proto-Zero and Brain gave him the name Kamen Rider. Kiriko is surprised and Chase isn’t happy.

Potential Leads- These are things to keep an eye on, as they may develop into something more interesting or central to the narrative in time


Other Notes-Things that stick out, but aren’t really important to the narrative


Facts-What we know, know about the plot and characters of the show


-Gou really wants to destroy Chase.

-Kiriko wants to try to save him and reacts fairly mildly to Shinnosuke not having told her about Chase.

-Kiriko senses that Nanoa knows the Roimude. She tells Kiriko she thinks that Nikaido Hiroki, who saved her from suicide when she was desperate about her career, may be the Roimude

-Mr. Muramasa wanted to stop Lira from seeing Hiroki so badly that he went and told him to stop seeing her.

-When Hiroki met with Lira to tell her they were through, she accidentally killed him. Roimude 069 took her memories and copied her to keep the lie going. It’s an odd motivation honestly, but I think I get it.

-Brain, Medic and the now-even-more-robotic Chase show up and interfere with fight against 069.

-Chase attacks Kiriko. Shinnosuke wavers. Gou uses a Shift Car in his driver. Medic flees with a crispy Brain to repair his injuries, gleefully announcing the experiment was a success before Roses.gif’ing away.

-Kiriko tries to console Nanoa and Shinnosuke tells Gou that Kiriko isn’t going to give up on Chase.

Potential Leads- These are things to keep an eye on, as they may develop into something more interesting or central to the narrative in time


-Gou has near-indiscriminate hatred for the Roimude- particularly Chase who he wants to destroy even though Kiriko is holding on to hop that he can be returned to his original state.

-The calling card left on Hiroki’s victims makes me think more about our villain cast. Is Brain the Hierophant? He’s attacking Chase in a church with his supreme knowledge and reason and feels he must destroy the tainted Roimude who can be saved from filthy human influence no other way.

Other Notes-Things that stick out, but aren’t really important to the narrative


-The scene where Nanoa is talking about Hiroki with the mirrors sure looked interesting!


Facts-What we know, know about the plot and characters of the show


-The SCU, along with Gen and Misaki Junko of Metro Police 2nd Division, is following Amagi Shu who they suspect is a Roimude because he runs the Amagi Love Castle, a matchmaking service for women looking to get married. Eight women have had their bank accounts drained and been hospitalized in a nearly vegetative state. The all at some point try to suddenly flee the hospital and all used Amagi’s service.

-Gou lets Shinnosuke and Kiriko know about a special event planned to take place shortly at the Amagi Love Castle. The two go directly to him and ask to participate. He acquiesces.

-[Something] Traveler provide a peaceful solution to the fight between Chase, Drive and Mach that Heart is aching to enter.

-Brain wants to kill Drive before he transforms, but Medic, Heart and Chase take the… high ground with talk of honor and Medic even calls him petty.

-Rinna has developed special rounds for Rinna to use against the Roimudes!!!!!!!!!


*tears of joY!!*

-Misaki tries to take jurisdiction from the SCU while the Chief is away, but succumbs to the same affliction as the 8 women who have been hospitalized. Gen remembers that they all reacted dramatically to the sound of metal clanging.

-Gou has somehow gotten hired as a server at the Amagi Love Castle.

-Rinna has an unexpected meeting with Shinnosuke there and freaks out.

-After pulling away from Amagi Shu’s forward clasping of her hands, Kiriko feels a bit off, but follows a voice until see she’s Chase. The Roimude is surprised that she would see the Reaper calling her, but doesn’t have enough time to think about it, because she promptly Rider Kicks him and follows that with a volley of shots with her new Roimude rounds.

-Gou and Shinnosuke head towards the sound of the fray and arrive just in time to barely help Kiriko knock the Roimude back to his human form.

-The Roimude formerly known as Amagi has mooks in suits who come help him when Mach makes things a little too hot for him.

-Heart stops Gou from destroying the Roimude and enters his Dead Zone, apparently having the increased endurance he said Medic helped him to achieve, while Mach is running out of henshin time!

-At the risk of overheating like Heart did last time, Shinnosuke calls Dead Heat who he figures can help him keep up with Dead Zone Heart. Mr. Belt reluctantly concedes that they must do it to protect Gou whose life is in danger.

-Heart is sort of defeated, the Roimude slips away, but his mooks are destroyed and then Dead Heat takes over Shinnosuke who attacks Gou while pleading with him to stop him somehow.

-Rinna hears the Roimude’s call and goes to him, looking overcome emotionally.

Potential Leads- These are things to keep an eye on, as they may develop into something more interesting or central to the narrative in time


-Rinna is very uncomfortable at the mention of Amagi’s service and she has been sort of absent from the Pit lately…

-Rinna is still working with Dr. Harley, but hasn’t quite finished the new Shift Car, Dead Heat, as she has been very busy with OTHER things.

-The [Something] Traveller bit sure comforts me that Shinnosuke isn’t going to be all about full force all the time. That’s a good trait in this quasi-authoritarian Kamen Rider.

-Kiriko disagreed about the Roimude disguising himself as the victim’s ideal man, which is fun because it calls into question how she really feels about Chase. Does/Will she love him? Was the Roimude off?

-The Shift Car Dead Heat can be shared between Drive and Mach… I don’t like the sound of that.

Other Notes-Things that stick out, but aren’t really important to the narrative


-The exchange between Shinnosuke and Amagi was decently tense. That Amagi is full of charm!

-WTF Gou, “She’s a Kamen rider’s sister, after all?” Really? Is she also training to be Batman’s girlfriend? Go back to people school Mr. Sanjou, you might enjoy a refresher on women as people.

-The Mr. Belt puppetry makes me really uncomfortable. It’s so…. janky? I don’t even know. It’s the stop-motion framed-skipped look and feel that really puts me off.

-Sanjou has officially made Shinnosuke better than Shotaro at this point in the show and probably better than Shotaro at the end of W.

Facts-What we know, know about the plot and characters of the show


-The Roimude has copied the appearance of Amagi Shu and Rinna’s old flame, Sasamoto Kiasburo, a psychiatrist with whom rinna had gone to school in America.

-Brain is jealous of Medic having become more useful to Heart than himself especially because she made only a simple alteration to Chase’s programming, setting him to protect all Roimude’s instead of humans.

-Gou fails to destroy Voice, who leads Rinna away when Chase comes to protect him. Chase beats Mach.

-Rinna went with Voice to find and free Sasamoto, but he was aligned with Voice to further his research. He had left Rinna for his research, so it is apparently very valuable to him.

-Voice summons his victims to be human shields and the SCU are stuck until Professor Harley shows up and gives Gou Dead Heat, which completely inexplicably makes the women not a problem anymore…

-Shinnosuke ties up all the women with hooking Wrecker, but Voice has had them equip themselves with bombs. He threatens to have them blow themselves up, btu Gou somehow silences him and the day is saved.

-Shinnosuke uses Technic to disarm all the bombs and Kiriko kicks he brother because he’s gone berserker from Dead Heat.

-Rinna tells off Sasamoto and Professor Harley leaves her and Mr. Belt with a gift.

Potential Leads- These are things to keep an eye on, as they may develop into something more interesting or central to the narrative in time


-Chase seems to be more powerful now that he is focused on protecting Roimudes

-Chase will no longer be the Reaper, so what will Brain do about destroying errant Roimudes?

-What’s in the box form Harley?

Other Notes-Things that stick out, but aren’t really important to the narrative


Facts-What we know, know about the plot and characters of the show


-Judge is the Grasshopper Yummy or Roach/Arms Dopant of this season dispensing their own brand of Justice by popular request, and POSSIBLY for money, through a revenge site, Judge Time

-Tachibana Shingo (If the means/could mean Tachibana #2, I gotta sa: Really SaNJOU, don’t you think you’re carrying your fascination with the “number two guy a little far?) was Gen’s partner and a mentor figure. He never let a criminal get away, earning the moniker: the Demon and now he has told Gen to catch the Judge who evaded him 5 years ago.

-Gen told Shinnosuke that if he fails to catch Judge, he’ll quite the force, so he takes the lead as much as he can.

-Judge Time shows Tenkawa Angel Real Estate as one of the most poplar revenge targets. Shinnosuke and Gen witness president Tenkawa get attacked while Gou is waiting for Judge to attack Black Candle, the second most popular target on Judge Time.

-Gen is free of the Density Shift’s effect, but gets tazed when he just comes out and tells Judge the are under arrest. Shinnosuke transforms, but is bested by Judge who escapes after exercising his kendo skills on Drive.

-Kiriko rubs Gou’s face in the fact that he followed the wrong lead and has Colorful Commercial follow him as he leaves with [a guy] who he saved from Black Candle in Judge’s stead, to make a series of videos about what a true hero is.

-Gen related to Shinnosuke the story of Okajima Touma who Judge made scapegoat. Gen refutes the death as a suicide because of a button torn from Judge’s clothes and…

-Okajima Akie, Touma’s sister happens upon Gen and Shinnosuke while visiting her brother’s death site.

-THE second reason (Otta doesn’t believe it was suicide) is that he had plans with his sister Akie, and her statements about him don’t reflect a suicidal state of mind.

-Otta promises Akie to exonerate Touma by apprehending Judge.

-As promised Rinna makes Blinks Mark III for Otta that can withstand Judge’s electric attacks. Otta field test it when he and Shinnosuke go to where Black Candle were waiting for Judge, whose protectees, they had mocked on line.

-Otta gets taken out by a familiar Kendo technique. Mach can’t keep up with Judge and after a comparison of their Justices, Drive uses Dead Heat to good effect, until Chase comes in and defends his fellow Roimude.

-Otta is shocked when the demonic looking Roimude reveals the visage of Tachibana, who leaves grinning and laughing.

-Chaser joins his bike with Mach’s and attempts to kill Gou and Shinnosuke with its heavy weapons. Gou’s transformation breaks and he rushes Chaser yelling that he wants his bike back!

Potential Leads- These are things to keep an eye on, as they may develop into something more interesting or central to the narrative in time


-Otta got to be an honorable badass this episode. Hopefully we’ll see more of that in the future!

-Brain compares Judge to how Chase used to be in regards to following human’s orders and says Judge should be reset. Once again, Chase, Medic and Heart disagree with Brain. He doesn’t recognize the nuance in humans they see and seek to understand.

Other Notes-Things that stick out, but aren’t really important to the narrative


-Suicide in a kid’s show. How do we like that?

-Twice this episode, Mr. Belt has just flown into Shinnosuke’s hand from out of nowhere and he has barely spoken. Is it ironic that he’s becoming more mobile and less verbal? Wait never mind, he’s spoken during each fight. Does something feel off about Mr. Belt though, like he’s receiving less focus than you’d think this episode? Where is Tridoron?

Facts-What we know, know about the plot and characters of the show


-I’m ignoring the Clash of Cars

-Otta’s reaction to Tachibana saying he is committing criminal acts to lure out Judge was morally perfect. That is a fact.

-The more complex truth about the Roimude finding Tacibana’s sense of Justice twisted into hatred and rage because of what Akie had been through is slightly more interesting than his lie, but it seems to be somewhat nullified by Judge attacking Shinnosuke before he got a chance to eat some oranges while enjoying the warmth of the kotatsu.

-Because Gou did those videos, helped set himself up as a patsy for the real Judge and consequently gets attacked by faux-Judge. They fight after reasserting that the other is Judge and while they’re fighting it continues.

-Kiriko finds the video framing Gou and he tells her and Shinnosuke that a guy named Utsugi recorded it. Colorful Commercial got some pictures of the recording which they share with Otta. Kyu suddenly reappears saying he thinks Utsugi is an alias, then the chief suddenly reappears and shares his tale of travel woes.

-Shinnosuke, Kiriko and Otta leave to search for clues. Shinnosuke looks for the missing button which should identify the real Judge. The Shift Cars come to help him because Judge has got them on a clock, promising to do some reall damage by 4:00 pm. Akie shows up, and says that she’s leaving. He asks her to have faith in the police one last time.

-Gen and Kiriko catch Utsugi as he is going to attack his latest victim and Shinnosuke brings the button that Colorful Commercial found after feeding off of Otta’s determination.

-Tachibana and his Roimude show up, but when Otta and Tachibana defend due process, faux-Judge says it’ll just destroy them all. The field is cleared for Shinnosuke to transform and he talks about not letting faux-judge destroy “an Officer’s pride” (whatever that is!).

-Gou and Chase show up, so we can see a double fight. Shinnosuke beats faux-judge with Type Wild and Rumble Dump, while Gou uses Mach Dead Heat to deal with Chase.

-Utsugi confesses to Otta that he chose Touma because his pride was bruised/he was insulted that Touma dare act towards him with kindness and humanity when some guys were assaulting him.

-Gou stops Otta from assaulting the unarmed and restrained Utsugi, but then Shinnosuke tells Otta not to arrest Tachibana who was turning himself in for being complicit in faux-judge’s crimes. Everyone SMILES.


Potential Leads- These are things to keep an eye on, as they may develop into something more interesting or central to the narrative in time


-Is Judge KYU?

Other Notes-Things that stick out, but aren’t really important to the narrative


Facts-What we know, know about the plot and characters of the show


-Apparently Kyu is a major part of otaku culture, he is even doing a book signing, which Kiriko, Shinosuke and Gou are on their way to when he receives some terrible news from another fan and a Roimude catches attention by attacking a woman a building.

-While Shinnosuke is waiting for Mr. Belt to show up, Gou transforms, goes up to the rooftop with the Roimude and does his posing and makes his calls, to which the Roimude reacts with delight. He’s disappointed when Drive shows up and demand that he be flashy like Mach, but the odd encounter is cut short when twin cage-faced Roimude come and try to kill Mach and Drive.

-The excited Roimude ran away when the fighting got started, but Kiriko and some Shift Cars followed it to Kyu’s apartment, where Kyu was found arguing with Ro-Kyu. They are both handcuffed and taken to the SCU HQ.

-The Kyus try to lie as the whole SCU pokes and prods them for some difference. Rinna tests the knee-hit-kick reflex repeatedly. They are separated and interrogated. Apparently Kyu’s real name is Imai Kenta and his alias Saijou Kyu is a splitting of “Superior.”. Gen threatens Black Saijou’s Mr. Dog doll, while White Saijou tells Kiriko and Shinnosuke that since New Year’s, Roimude 072 has been living with him. The connection was made through his desire to learn more about the Kamen Rider and 072 hoped to infiltrate the SCU for information, it never worked out well.

-The twins Roimude were made by (how?) Medic to replace Chase as Grim Reaper. She slams Brain as she and Heart discuss the Reapers.

-After marathoning Murmur Mansion, Shinnosuke asks the Shift Cars to 3D print him a replica of a valuable piece of Murmur Merch and discovers the White Saijou is the Roimude when he saves the commemorative plate from being destroyed. White Saijou figures out Shinnosuke is Drive (or at least a Rider) and expects he’ll be destroyed, but Shinnosuke isn’t so quick to condemn him.

-Murmur Mansion captured 072’s heart and the two Kyus decided to live together. Shinnosuke says he wanted to hear out 072 instead of just destroying it, because it could choose how to live, but Medic stabs 072 through the back and chides it for being a defective unit. Ro-Kyu asks Shinnosuke to tell Kyu that he had gone berserk and attacked him.

-Mach goes to destroy the new Reapers, but Medic uses them as shields to protect her from Drive’s Dead Heat Max Flare finisher! Shinnosuke is super mad, because she doesn’t have the heart Chase had and shouldn’t call herself a Grim Reaper, because she is just a demon pragmatically destroying Roimude until only the elect remain.

-Shinnosuke has Man Pain!!!!

-Medic has Roimude pain because Drive scratched her!!!!!!!

Potential Leads- These are things to keep an eye on, as they may develop into something more interesting or central to the narrative in time


Other Notes-Things that stick out, but aren’t really important to the narrative


Why did Ro-Kyu want Shinnosuke to lie to Kyu about how he died?

Is Ro-Kyu supposed to feel like, sort of in combination with Chase, a new-Kirihiko?

Next Episode| 14 Who Is The Dark Shadow She Chases?

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2 thoughts on “Sanjou Loved Gou And Hated Kiriko -Drive 14-20-RX! 098

  1. I initially thought that perhaps Drive was going the Patlabor route with how it handles its police presentation, where the special unit we are focusing on are these ragtag team of irregular officers who while make mistakes perform good in the end.
    The other important thing is how it made an implicit point about how individuals in the team are not to be blamed but the system itself, as the Patlabor’s special unit quite frequently had to clean up the mess caused by their superiors and the people in charge, or even outright operate against their direct orders to protect the people.

    But listening to this podcast has made me give up that optimism, as well as all the other things I’ve heard and of course based on the episodes I’ve watched.

    As to the whole deal with Gou, from how you describe it, I feel as if the idea behind him is to perhaps setup a role reversal (since the entire show has basically reversed the thematic roles of the hero and the villains), where the main Rider would be part of something all the other main Riders fights against (that being “The System”) and the Secondary Rider would follow more the traditional ideas of a Rider being the rebel vs. the majority.
    After all, Mach is designed to look the most like the original Rider design with the antennas, the jaw and the scarf, not to mention that he drives motorcycles as opposed to Drive’s car motif (in fact, its almost upsetting that Mach’s design is being wasted on the Secodary Rider, since I vastly prefer over Drive’s).
    Basically, a rivalry based upon the premise of a Rider rooted in police authority vs. the Rider rooted in the spirit of other Kamen Riders.

    Unfortunately, Riku Sanjou is an increidbly mediocre writer and the producer Ohmori by all accounts is absolutely insidious, so as you’ve described, the show is not at all smart enough to pull something like that off, which probably explains Mach’s insistence on all Roidmudes being evil, even as everything so far I’ve understood of the Roidmude should make them the sort of characters Ishinomori and by extension other Rider shows would be sympathizing.

    Speaking of Murmur Mansion, here’s a thing they made for Super Hero Taisen GP:

    • Right, well, I do want that t-shirt.

      I’m just frustrated that at this point, that t-shirt seems to be the only thing even approaching being interesting or clever that Drive has yet offered us.

      Your points about the thematic roles the Roimudes fill vis á vis Ishinomori’s usual choices of protagonists/antagonists is well-felt and 100% sympathized with on my end. Especially viewed in light of a lot of more nativist thinking from my own homeland, my new country and in Europe generally (I don’t know for a fact how it is in Japan at the moment so I won’t comment on that), it’s hard not to see Drive as a series picking out a minority population before uncritically demanding their marginalization and destruction because these “others” who look like us seek to steal our essence before turning around and stabbing us in the back (“us” being ostensibly the people watching the show)… like, it is GROSS. And for all there have been episodes wherein someone in the police hierarchy is shown to be corrupt, the overall tone of “just let ’em do what they do, they’re protecting you, you owe them your unflinching loyalty for that” with regard to the police force just gets all my hackles rising because once you assert heroism-by-association, you’ve opened the door to a world of shitty thinking and encouraging that is just fucked up.

      Do you have any suggestions on where one can read up on Ohmori? A quick google (I’ll look more later on) only brings up discussions of some skeevy interview responses about the lack of a yellow in Kyoryuger which is making me side-eye the guy like mad but I’d love to read up more on what’s up with the guy.

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