Maleffected- Sailor Moon Crystal 16 -MS 14

Sono and Ammit discuss the latest Sailor Moon Crystal, from the low points to the greatest heights of its success. Not really. This time is all highs. Sure there were some sad things, but the plot is thickening and the pressure is building and this episode kicked so much butt!

But so, so good!
But so, so good!

SMC 16 – Abduction – Sailor Mercury

Meat & Veggies


-Usagi grills Chibi-Usa when she realizes that she saw Rei being taken. She accuses her of being aligned with Black Moon and doesn’t stop until Luna tells her to calm down.

-Luna goes to Mamoru to help Chibi-Usa who is too upset to go back to the Tsukino house1

-Chibi-Usa or Small Lady, as her mother called her has a special key and a pendant that looks like the LSC. She had a vision of a wasted city below a black Moon and asks Mamoru if Sailor Moon can save her mother.

-Usagi is really down about this whole Chibi-Usa thing. It seemed she felt at least extremely uncomfortable and at worst a bit betrayed by the fact that Mamoru and Luna brought Chibi-usa back to her house.

-I love Ami’s response that Usagi and Rei aren’t chess pieces in Berthier’s game. That was so boss! She’s so great protecting Chibi-Usa… or should I say Rabbit? That was fantastic, though, it is a little ironic that Chibi-Usa was there watching when maybe she should stay away.



-Berthier is experiencing a sympathy with Ami… did her sister, Koan, experience one with Rei? Are these sisters developing powers like the Sailor Guardians to mimic and defeat them?

-Naru is so sweet to try to cheer up Usagi.

-Berthier is a bitch to be playing at Ami’s fear of being left by her friends, just as her dad left. The fact that her dad taught her the importance of swimming and chess too is a little stretchy and cheesy, but it was also frieken awesome how it played out.

-That epic chess match was fantastic.

What was the best line of the episode?

Best Line 1: “I can do that too. This is a Luna P ball. I call it Luna P.”



Best Line 2: “Checkmate.”

-Ami (who is a bad ass!)

More vocabulary building from Takeuchi:





adjective: malefic

  1. causing or capable of causing harm or destruction, especially by supernatural means.
  2.  Astrology

relating to the planets Saturn and Mars, traditionally considered to have an unfavorable influence.

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The opening for this episode was performed by Josh Aggarado whose work can be found on Youtube and his site, please check out all the other cool music there.

The awesome closing was adapted and performed by 18moptop who does lots of English language anime covers

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