Dowsing In Her Sandbox – Sailor Moon Crystal 16 Review

Under the pall of the Black Moon, Sailor Moon Crystal seems to have taken to tending the soil to reap a bountiful harvest of all the seeds that seemed to have been haphazardly scattered at the end of episode 14. This could be tedious work, but Takeuchi has turned what could be unremarkable plodding into something exciting. I’d claim she divined the location of the gems in this episode by dowsing, but for the fact that she laid the soil herself nullifies that claim. What Takeuchi has done, what some authors fail to do is balance the backstory and current events of their characters’ lives so well. This episode showcased the cast dealing with fears, doubts, and sadness all while revealing more about the Black Moon and Chibi-Usa. Ami got to be cool, brave and strong. The information about her past layers and enriches her as a character and I can only hope that the other girls get treated this well, even as I fear they’ll all be abducted and possibly killed over the next month or so.


I don’t like the character models for the Spectre Sisters and honestly the Malefic Dark Crystal feels derivative of the Legendary Silver Crystal, but hopes that they will be linked somehow, have me a little more optimistic about it

For being a thrilling ride with an epic chess match, sad father-related back story and Ami’s awesome goggles, I give this episode a 5 out of 5.


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