Mooned- Sailor Moon Crystal 14-15 -MS 13

Join Sono and Ammit as they discuss the blemished and slightly whiplash inducing shift to the Black Moon arc.

Image from Sailor Moon News.

 SMC 14 Conclusion and Commencement – Petite Etrangere


SMC 15 Infiltration – Sailor Mars

Meat & Veggies


– Usagi’s faith in herself and her friends fuels a silent prayers from her heart which coalesces with the Sailor Guardian’s and Luna’s prayers, which restores the Moon to its true luster. The Holy Light of the Moon delights Metalia who thinks she is about to take that which she has long craved, but her malicious intent and ephemeral body are banished by the great light.

This has great implications to me from a theological POV- the prayer for the Moon’s radiance to be restored…

– Usagi is told she is to be the Queen of the Moon and live there now, but she refuses, saying she will live as an ordinary girl, protecting the people she loves on Earth. She gets a new brooch, in which she places the LSC and gets a new transformation call “Moon Crystal Power- MAKE UP!” and her tiara comes back, covering the moon on her forehead.

-WTF? Another Usagi dropping in from out of nowhere… “Accidentally” kissing Mamoru and pulling a gun on Usagi Tsukino… WTF?! I don’t think I like this.

What’s my problem with the kiss?

Well…it wasn’t earned at all, it shouldn’t be used for comedy and it feels like Takeuchi is hurting her characters on a whim like Urobuchi.



– This showdown with Metalia music is so F-ing EPIC. WOWZA!!!

-The shot with the seagulls flying away as the girls reunite was really lovely.

-The music played while the girls are shown living their normal lives again is so great!

-There were so many cute moments here. I loved Usagi having gotten up early, but also having forgotten to do her homework. That’s so me/human to feel accomplished about making positive changes only to realize you’re not quite there yet and you have to work a little harder to get where you want.

-LSC in the new moon brooch is totally awesome. It looks like/is a compact! I love that!

Meat & Veggies


– I love all the girls casual outfits. So cool. It’s really fun that they’re all visiting Rei at her school. It adds another dimension to their friendship with her. It just makes me happy to see. The juxtaposition of a burning nun and the man Rei dreamt about getting killed is rough, but serves to make me feel the impact of the two extremes more. The balance makes the former more heartwarming and the later more chilling.

-Power-ups are great, seeing Rei , Ami and Makoto with amped up attacks on their own, but again, I don’t know how I feel about Usagi getting the Moon Rod after Mamoru’s slightly unnecessary and inexplicable deflection and rescue.

-Rei was abducted! How scary that the defeat of Koan didn’t break the fire she put around Rei. This is unexpected. I’d like Takeuchi to carry this further.



– These new villains want to destroy the LSC and call it the source of their misery

-Chibi-Usa is an adorable name

-Ami and Rei are so great teasing Usagi. We need so much more of this!!

-Asanuma is a first year from school: Moto-Azabu, Makoto knows him. He’s Mamoru’s kohai!

-Goodness the cast expansion is so surprising

And now introducing a new feature to the show… Sono what was the best line of this episode? Sweet, funny, sad, anything works:

Sono’s pick: [You don’t have to do this]

Ammit’s pick: I know what I have to scream: Moon Princess Halation!

Tangent: Halation is a real word!




noun: halation

  1. the spreading of light beyond its proper boundaries to form a fog around the edges of a bright image in a photograph or on a television screen.

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