No More Woe- Sailor Moon Crystal 13 -MS 12

Join Sono and Ammit as they struggle to find common ground decide to have a difference of opinion on the shifted focus from the manga’s to Crystal’s depictions of the events of the final battle with Queen Metalia.

SMC 13 Final Battle – Reincarnation

Meat & Veggies

-How will the LSC protect Usagi?

-Dang. Metalia siphoned the power from the Sailor Guardians attacks!

-Luna’s heartache at failing Queen Serenity and her pleading for her help was well executed.

-WTF does Metalia want? She just causes destruction and sorrow!

-The Senshi sacrificed themselves!

-Mamoru’s watch saved USAGI!

-Metalia’s arrogance got her killed. She tried to absorb the suprisingly alive Usagi instead of making sure she was dead and she just got taken out.

-I liked seeing the Knights again, but their stones having saved Mamoru is a let down to me.

-I like how Mamoru tells Usagi she has everything she needs after she had such great self-doubt and wanted to have help from everyone else. He reminded her to have faith in herself and she was able to face Metalia.


-Uhh… is Artemis imbued with magic, unlike Luna?

-Luna pleading at the chamber of prayer by pawing up that giant crystal was so precious and authentically feline.

If you’d like to comment on our thoughts, or ask any questions, you may send correspondence to  our inbox or we can be reached individually @sonoyourface and @trialofheroes on Twitter. We hope you enjoyed the show and thank you for listening.

The opening and closing for this episode was performed by Josh Aggarado  and whose work can be found on Youtube and his site, please check out all the other cool music there.

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