The Magical Miracle: Love – Sailor Moon Crystal 13 Review

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 13 – Final Battle – Reincarnation

I’m going to be extremely honest and really show my amateur reviewer status by not really doing a review this week. I don’t know if it is because I am sick as I write this, or because I was when I watched the latest Sailor Moon Crystal, but the experience is a tearful blur that I remember tenderly and fondly.

I have heard that the original show did the confrontation at point D and final battle against Queen Metalia better, particularly because the time allotted in the anime’s expansion of the manga was used to layer, texture and set up the cast and audience to be heavily impacted by the dramatic conclusion to the war between the Moon and Dark Kingdoms. Although I can’t argue with the failures of Crystal to build up the dynamics between Endymion’s Knights and Endymion/Mamoru himself as well as the Sailor Senshi, which really undercut the drama of seeing Beryl wipe them out last episode, seeing them in this episode really worked on me. The Senshi and Knights represent pairings whose fate is doomed by Queen Metalia’s cruel whims and whose faithfulness towards their individual leaders was their saving grace and the fulcrum around which the plot twisted and upon which Metalia’s demise was set in motion.


Queen Metalia is representative of a selfish, burning hunger. She manipulates and twists others in order to obtain energy and dominance over Earth, which seems to only cover the planet in darkness and place its inhabitants under her thrall, turning a number of them into drones who work to savagely harvest energy from other people. The legacy of the Dark Kingdom is death, destruction and isolation.

That Usagi’s power is healing, restoration and inspiring happiness courage and strength in others is what makes her the antithesis of Metalia and Silver Millennium’s perfect heiress. The Queen of the Moon kingdom is subject to duty and the responsibility to protect the Earth. The Moon Kingdom’s status as guardian over Earth is senseless and without foundation in the show’s lore, but it is a beautiful, hopeful message. A great kingdom serving to protect and guide a lesser can be interpreted as an encouragement to hold on because someone is watching out for you and an exhortation to embody that benevolence for others around you.

Apparently Endymion was a great guy and good to his Knights. Princess Serenity and her Guardians were friends and loved each other. Crystal fails to show the relationship between monarch and protective group in both cases and hardly make the connection between Usagi and her friends, but I don’t care. The brief scene wherein the girls hear Usagi encouraging them and form the resolve to save her and then she receives strength from them is enough for me. That she pleads for their help, but is encouraged by Mamoru to have faith in herself because of her good, loving heart is inspirational and beautiful.

Usagi has the power to wipe away senseless evil because of the love in her heart. Mamoru encouraged and supported her because he loves her and believes in her. His Knights strengthened him and saved him so he could keep on loving and supporting her. Usagi was able to free Mamoru and save him because her friends were willing to give up their lives for her, so that she could survive while trapped inside Metalia because of how much they love her due to her goodness and the kindness with which she treated each of them. Love, kindness and gentleness give Usagi the leverage she needs to match Metalia’s raw destructive force and defeat her.

If you haven’t seen this beautiful episode of Sailor Moon Crystal you should as soon as you can.


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