Unsupervised Children- A Broad Tokusatsu Discussion -RX! 095

This episode is another go at free-form discussion form the unKamenCrew, sans Ammit. It’s mostly centered on Kamen Rider, but there is some Super Sentai in there as well. We hope you enjoy this episode.

Shout out to: 1- Jonathan for helping split the RSS feeds for the site so everyone can choose to listen to -RX!, Moon speak or both.

                         2- All the listeners who have switched up how they’re consuming the shows by changing subscription methods/Feeds. We’ll work on parsing the shows for iTunes as well and make sure any new shows start off with distinct RSS feeds.

Sono did this awesome artwork.

The bullet points below represent just about all the topics discussed and in what order. If anyone want time stamps, let’s talk Patreon.

-Goseiger ROCKS except in 199 Heroes
-Marvel Toei History
-Shinkenger AKA Being gripped by Japanese Folklore
-Batman beating up poor people instead of Bruce Wayne helping to eliminate poverty
-Gaim’s Net Movies
-Shroud in the Double Net Movies
-Special Features for (Boukenger and) Hibiki would be FANTASTIC
-Video Formats and Toei’s Tight Fist
-All hail Kuuga
-Ryuki’s Reflections of the Core of Rider

You can reach us through @unKamenRX or the show’s inbox to submit any questions, suggest topics for future shows or just let us know how we’re doing.

This episode’s hosts can be reached @NeedsMoreAleph for Aleph , @TrialOfHeroes for Ammit, @TheImposter for Jonathan and @SonoYourFace for Sono.

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