Christmas Surprise-Drive 11 and Secret Mission Type 0-RX! 093



Today we’re putting Drive to the test as speedy as we can, as we cover:

11 Who Will Prevent The Unholy Night?


Drive Secret Mission: Type Zero

Q1-So… Chase was Proto-Drive, huh? Does that mean Professor Banno is a fiction as Aleph had suggested?

How do you feel about Chase almost certainly having been Proto-Drive?

Q2-What do you think this Medic/Promised Number thing is about? Do you feel she is presented? Is she a baby, a goddess, a person?



Facts-What we know, know about the plot and characters of the show


-Chase saved Heart from the “Dead Zone” which is apparently his over-heating. Brain chastises them and Chase goes with him to take care of some business. These guys totally have some love for each other, which is nice to see.

-Shift Cars that were dispersed internationally are returning as Roimude activity is increasing in Japan. Some Shift Cars who’d just gotten back in town saved Shinnosuke and Mr. Belt.

-Kirikko dangles the carrot of birthday dinner at a nice restaurant for Shinnosuke which helps get him primed for action. He remembers the controller Volt had and Kiriko tells him about the similar item in the book.

-The SCU and the uniformed officers are all pitching in to find Goro. We need more of this.

– Minami Goro had worked with Nishihori Kouya the Copycat Pirate guy from Secret Mission: Type Zero

-The Captain used his affable charms to get Shinnosuke a meeting with Nishihori to pick his brain about the unknown Unholy Night story as soon as he heard the name Nishihori mentioned. He’s on top of his game.

-I feel like there’s a decent evening filter on the scenes at the mall. It really helped add tension to the scene. Shinnosuke trusting Kiriko to stop Volt was cool too.

-Volt becamse a Spider car and almost killed Kiriko, but Mach saved her. Then shinnosuke came along to fight Volt while Kiriko destroyed the controller and saved the city from the black out!

Potential Leads- These are things to keep an eye on, as they may develop into something more interesting or central to the narrative in time


-Chase is stopped by the thought of endangering humans en masse. Brain calls him defective and lashes out at him from letting Shinnosuke go.

– Chase is Roimude 000 and he looks more human in the face area than the other androids which almost gets Mr. belt to say he is Proto-Drive

-Volt had an ulterior motive- to revitalize Medic who was once around, but then lost to Heart and Brain. She is part of the Promised Number of Roimude which seems to be a select group.

Other Notes-Things that stick out, but aren’t really important to the narrative


-I’m done thinking about it is such a potentially loaded statement for Shinnosuke to repeat. I wonder if I would prefer the idea of hesitation over thinking. I get the merits of doing things by feel and organically, but the concept of not thinking about committing to an action is a little scary too…

-Nishihori referenced Lupin from the DriveXGaim movie

-The SCU re-uses Christmas attire from previous shows and surprises Shinnosuke at his dinner with Kiriko in order to call back to him hating being born on Christmas because of the combination of gifts from two days and NOW it’s the SCU’s office party as well. That is actually funny.

Drive Secret Mission Type Zero

-Shinnosuke and Hayase are after a terrorist group Neo-Shade show has already had 5 successful bombings

-Neo-Shade is a callback to Kamen Rider G!

-I’m not sure I like the crazy swings in tone from a woman bound and threatened at knifepoint to read a ransom note to the discovery that it’s by the Copycat Pirate… but then he is pretty creepy.

-Shinnosuke and Hayase show off some good teamwork. I’m glad Hayase stopped him from beating the Copycat Pirate further.

-The Density Shift talking effect is still dumb.

-It really seems as if chase is somehow Proto-Drive

-No actual motive for world dominance has been exposited. That’s bad.

Next Episode| 12 Where Did The White Kamen Rider Come From? OR RATHER: From Where Did the White Kamen Rider Come?

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