Mighty Heart-Sailor Moon Crystal 12 Review

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 12- Enemy: Metalia

This episode was great. I’ll definitely re-watch even though I don’t want to because of how it ends, which is what is calling me back. I also have a mind to not ruin my experience by going back and seeing, in sharper relief, the inconsistent animation and the wobbliness of the plot. I appreciate the efforts of the Crystal Team to echo prior events in the character’s lives, but the confrontation between the Sailor Guardians and the Four Kings of Darkness was disjointed because of the out-of-nowhere addition or 4 more star-crossed couple linked to Princess Serenity and Endymion which could have worked well had it been allotted more time. Calling back to weakly established concepts is probably a good way to distract an otherwise absorbed viewer, who has to make the decision to ignore that blemish instead of nodding along and getting pulled deeper into the experience.


What was effective however, was the affirmation of Usagi’s personal strength, her great love for and dependence upon Mamoru and the assurance that her friends will always be there to support her. Although the series has not spent enough time addressing each girl individually, Usagi benefits from having more screen time as herself and Sailor Moon by way of being the eponymous hero. In the extra time spent with Usagi, Takeuchi has woven the through-line that Usagi’s loving heart is the source of her strength. Watching Usagi struggle to accept and embody that part of herself was beautiful and thrilling. Sailor Moon is mighty and inspiring because she gets back up, by herself, to fight for those she loves and personally does all she can to dish out Justice and stopping evil from becoming more powerful.

For bringing me to tears even though my audio died on me during the second half this episode earns a 4 out of 5.


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