Bedroom Eyes – Sailor Moon Crystal 11 -MS 10

Join Sono and Ammit as they discuss the sexiest man in anime for 2014 and the various short-comings of Crystal.


Meat and Veggies

SMC 11-Endymion-Reunion

-Usagi is dreaming of Tuxedo Mask and resolves to be happy, so that the power of the LSC will return to it.

-Usagi’s pocket watch –stopped since they went to the Moon- starts ticking again after bumping into someone who looks like Mamoru.

-The sword, which easily shatters diamond, is made of stone and poisonous, as a result of Queen Metalia’s death throw attack against the Moon.

-The Scouts followed Usagi to CROWN and saw Usagi with NOT-Mamoru, Rei was able to tell it wasn’t him.

-Mako was hypnotized by Not-Mamoru after Usagi narrowly escaped succumbing to his charms.

-Furuhata and Not Mamoru, used Mako to lure the other Guardians into the base, but Usagi can’t fight him until he injures Luna.

-Queen Beryl shows up in the Moon-base calling NOT-Mamoru Endymion and says the Sailor Guardians will die where they stand.


–          I love how seductive Mamoru looks as he’s working his magic on Endo and Furuhata

–          Rei’s embarrassment over Usagi’s yelling is so good

–          ~SUSPICIOUS~

–          NOT-Mamoru for most seductive ani-Man of 2014

–          VENUS! LOVE! ME! CHAIN!

–          Usagi’s transformation call felt SO POIGNANT in this episode as she delivered it through tears for her cat/partner. The alternate music was awesome!

–          Was the “I have these four.” Moment in the manga?


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The opening and closing for this episode can be found here and here, please check out the other cool work this musician has done

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5 thoughts on “Bedroom Eyes – Sailor Moon Crystal 11 -MS 10

  1. I DO LISTEN! :3 I was sad about the break ;////; (darn three weeks!) — but but GUYS. Minako x Kunzite is my OTP. (Besides Ruka and Michi, but I don’t want to spoil things for Ammit. HIIIIIIIIIII GUYS!)

    • I’m so jazzed you’re listening. I hope I’m coming across as more than just a newbie!

      Thanks for the spoiler sensitivity. I’m not terribly adamant about it, but it’s nice to go in to some things without expectations towards particulars.

      Care to share your thoughts on Crystal thus far?

      • Well, I went into it extremely jazzed up — and so far, it’s met my expectations. Of course nothing is perfect and there could have been more room for character development and plot holes (as the both of you have noticed as well) But I really have loved the Minako x Kunzite pairing since the original print of the manga with this scene ( I just think if they were able to really hash it out more than “we were in love! oops now we’re going to kill you!” and more than just the two seconds of sobbing, fans would be more on board with the pairing than they are now. I’d call it a missed opportunity for the production team to really make something great, instead of what a lot of people are simply attributing to “fan service” (but, alas, time and budget constraints.)

        However — I do basically cry buckets every. single. episode. because all of the nostalgic feels.

        Ammit — the first series is on Hulu, have you given it a watch? I’d be interested to hear you guys talk about differences. Maybe after we are all done with the 26 eps of Crystal we’ve so far been promised (but there’s unconfirmed rumors about 52 eps…have you heard?)

        I would love to see them take it to the end.

        Other thoughts — I really really really like Mamoru’s character more in crystal than in the original series. Sono will tell you, we had lots of Mamo-chan hate back in the day. But the way he is portrayed (so far in this series) is much more supportive and caring, and I can’t wait to see where they take it in the Black Moon arc…

        This is probably way more then you asked me for, but I could go on and on and on and on about Sailor Moon…xD;;

        Looking forward to the next episode guys!

      • The more I watch of Crystal the more I want to watch the original. I’ll hit up Hulu soonish for it, I just do too much at once.

        I hadn’t heard of an unconfirmed number of episodes, but that would be so great to get up to 52. Would that take care of the entire run?

  2. It would! So keep your fingers crossed. I hope it’s confirmed before you watch the original series, because I’d LOVE to hear a perspective from someone who watched Crystal THEN the original.

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