Famine And Feast-Sailor Moon Crystal 11 Review

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 11- Endymion

There is a problem with this week’s otherwise engaging episode. The drama is real. I feel the tension between Usagi and the other Sailor Guardians, but something in the distribution and flow of events just feels off. Perhaps in the manga, the pacing feels less crammed, or is it more even? The manga is beyond the scope of this review, so the show has to stand on its own.

I think the issue is that this episode is simultaneously empty and crowded. Not much happened in the first 10 minutes or so of the latest Sailor Moon Crystal, but in the second half, it felt like too many separate things occurred, but none of them were given enough time.

The interactions between the Sailor Guardians in the first half of the episode were really enjoyable to watch and the fact that Usagi is a leader despite her penchant for napping and so-called lack of seriousness is charming and a welcome challenge to how most Westerners see super-heroics. It feels like Takeuchi is barely giving the Guardians enough time as their teen-aged highschool student selves. When we see them it is almost always in the context of setting up an encounter with enemies, when we could have much more interactions with eachother and with Usagi. That would have made Usagi’s shining moment at the end more meaningful.

The red-eyed Mamoru went about his mission in an odd way; nfiltrating the employee roles of CROWN Arcade and then hoping that Usagi would come there a lot, so he could pretend to not be Mamoru, but then manipulate her anyway into revealing the location of the Legendary Siler Crystal is ludicrous. The scenario is beyond attempts to justify it, because any number of alternative plans would have probably worked better, i.e. the fake comes back as Mamoru, without letting the Sailor Guardians know and asks to see the Crystal, then snatches it. This was a little silly and convoluted, but the action that followed and the feats accomplished by the Dark Kingdom were cool. Beryl is a beast and I can’t wait to see more of her, but there need to be more -and more substantive- hooks to make this the really good series it should be.

Off-putting pacing earns this episode 3 of 5 stars.


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