Straight Shooter -Drive 07-08 -RX! 090



Today we’re putting Drive to the test as speedy as we can, as we cover:

07 How Was the Key Moment Photographed?

08 What Is The Secret That They Hide?

Q1-Is Shinnosuke abusing his authority in confronting the photographer who was following him?

Q2-How dumb is everyone not to take note of the Drive Brace, Tridoron and the proximity of the Shift Cars to Shinnosuke and Kiriko?

Q3-Do you like the Door Gun? Does it make Rinna seem too silly?

Q4-HOW might the ethic of risking oneself for truth or an IDEAL play out in the future?

Facts-What we know, know about the plot and characters of the show


– The reporters Kusaka Shunsuke (Ace) and Takasugi Kenta (second fiddle) have reason to be upset with Kaishima City Construction, which has had 4 buildings razed by the beginning of this episode. Their sempai, Yoshida Noriyuki, resigned because of allegations that Kusaka (Ace) doctored photos is a big story against Kaishima City Construction.

-Shinnosuke continues to visit Hayase who is still in the hospital over 6 months later. They still have a good report and Hayase continues to encourage Shinnosuke.

-Shinnosuke baits a fairly harmless looking reporter, Takasugi Kenta Society Reporter, from the East City Times into following him and then attacks him from behind.

-The Camera Roimude has partnered with Kusaka Shunsuke (ACE) and feeds off of his emotions similar to a Greeed…

-Roimude can have issues when transitioning to their improve bodies

-The Camera Roimude used a card of some sort… think Metavirus form Go-Busters to control, influence or tap into the energy from Kusaka.

-The velocity of the Tire Change smarting Shinnosuke made me really happy. I think I might enjoy watching him suffer. Is it time to leave the fandom?

-Chase FINALLY uses his Cobra (NOT Snake) and Bat Shift Cars.


-TAKASUGI and Kusaka got back in the swing of things by capturing shots of the Front-R explosions

-TAKASUGI’S lack of faith in Kusaka lead him to desperately seek to clear their partnership of the stain of a lack of journalistic integrity.

-Kaishima in bed with a group of politicos who have let them construct buildings with little oversight for the sake of more money.

-Chase is questioning WHAT he is. Finally.

Potential Leads- These are things to keep an eye on, as they may develop into something more interesting or central to the narrative in time


– Kiriko’s skeptical, critical nature is great. I hope this stays in play against Shinnosuke’s trusting nature for a little while longer, but not too long

-Kiriko steps in front of Shinnosuke like her name is Tomoko


– Heart claims Chase was born to defeat Kamen Rider

-Chaser’s “humans aren’t worth killing,” is hopefully another gentle stroke in texturing his development. To What, I am not sure, but he seems to be going somewhere. I hope he is just a nuanced villain.

Other Notes-Things that stick out, but aren’t really important to the narrative


– Shinnosuke’s signature wrist grab is a little irritating. I feel badly for Seiji Takaiwa, can’t they give him something better to do or just drop the tick?

-Shift Cars delivering Mr. Belt to Shinnosuke was nice

-Kusaka’s drugged out, bags under his eyes was a great touch from the make-up artist.

-Kiriko driving was a great moment too. I believe the punchline was delivered by a smash cut.

-They are using a lot of cool camera and editing techniques to work out their action scenes on a budget. Kiriko “catching” Solar Flare and THE RED ONE jumping into Shinnosuke’s hand from the magical track are two solid examples, plus I think the papers floating out of a lady’s hands in the 5th building attacked are rigged on mono filament (or some other type of wire) and Otto is obviously ACTING as if he has slowed down.

-I love the modularity of Chase’s weapons!!


-Mr. Belt’s flailing is something between hilarious and pathetic. HOW?

-Casual Kiriko is so cool. She looks so different out of uniform, I hope we see a lot of the CSU in casual clothes too, it just makes everyone feel more real.

Next Episode| 09 How Can He Use The Cool Body?

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