Tetsuru Kurata Is BACK! -Special RX! 04

Ammit does a special solo news short format episode drooling all over Tetsuru Kurata.


The good folk at Tokusatsu Network have brought wonderful news of something interesting and very exciting in the world of big screen Kamen Rider. Toei and Bandai have decided that Black RX should be in the next Kamen Rider movie in April 2015.

Top 5 (Likely) Reasons This Is Happening:

5. Tridoron (Kamen Rider Drive) is based on Rideron (Kamen Rider Black RX), the car of LIGHT, so why not put them together?

4. Two Riders in cars are better than one Rider in a car.

3. Sanjo loves referencing Kamen Rider’s past, and he especially enjoys second iterations of a Rider. Minami Kotaro as Black RX is basically his own second iteration.

2. Minami Kotaro’s story of struggle loss and grief can actually be used to good measure to make an impact of Shinnosuke.

1. With the renewal figures for S.H. Figuarts Black and Black RX out some time ago, and the more recent releases of Roborider and Biorider, the coming releases of S.H. Figuarts (Renewal version) Shadow Moon, Rideron as well as 3 Blu-Ray box sets for Kamen Rider Black, it makes a ton of business sense to get Kurata back to charm audiences and raise the visibility and popularity of Minami Kotaro to help sell all the merchandise associated with him. Especially if Black RX BD are next on the list pending the success of the Black BD set. If modern audience are wowed by Kurata and love Black RX, it is possible they will hear about how Black is actually better and be even more motivated to own the stories of the “superior version” of the character. I would be willing to bet though, that the form changing and more fresh introduction to Black RX will will garner a lot of love for Kurata’s Black RX and make potential sales for related merchandise (an RX BD set) about as marketable as that of Kamen Rider Black.

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