Protection Over Justice? -Drive 05-06 -RX! 089



Today we’re putting Drive to the test as speedy as we can, as we cover:

05 What Are The Steely Thieves After?

06 For Whom Does The Warrior Fight?

Q1-Do you like the visualization of Shinnosuke’s “brain going into top gear” when he figures out what’s going on with a Roimude’s pattern of behavior?

Q2-What do we think of Justice VS Protection of the Innocent? Are they opposites? How are they related? Did this message get muddled, or is it solid?


Facts-What we know, know about the plot and characters of the show


– Superintendent Kirihara Eiji form Metro Police – Public Security at Police HQ tipped off the SCU to the string of food truck robberies.

-Someone on Eiji’s team predicted the 7th attack.

Superintendent Eiji is briefing Rinna on Density Shift.

-Crush was spared by Brain when Chase was about to “reset” him.

-Rinna is off with Superintendent Eiji a lot and surreptitiously monitoring Shinnosuke fighting as Drive.

-Kirko isn’t given as much focus as before, but is instrumental in establishing a major lead for Shinnosuke to figure out what is going on.


-Somehow all the Roimude bodies are linked to the Viral Cores, which worried Heart and Brain when Crush took a few with him. Brain was particularly concerned that he was going to use too many at once. Heart went from looking at ease, to concerned when he heard this.

-The Front-R Driver Shinnosuke saved as Drive saved him after he escaped from Brain’s Neuropoison attack.

-The Public Safety building is where the Slow Down Report central hub is located, it can be turned on and off from within the SCU’s office.

-Drive can also cause Density Shift.

-Chase recognizes that Drive- that Kamen rider- should not be taken lightly.

-Kirihara and Front-R’s President have a relationship and Kirihara was on the take, and worked to protect the illegal explosives.

-Rinna knows Shinnosuke is Shift and has been involved the whole time as the head mechanic, and they’re are likely more surprises to come for Shinnosuke.

Potential Leads- These are things to keep an eye on, as they may develop into something more interesting or central to the narrative in time


-Mr. Belt HAS to be known of by the higher ups in the Police, because the Superintendent recognizing the SCU for stopping the monster attack, which DRIVE clearly stopped.

-We got another nod to Machine Chaser being a hack of Proto-Drive and as a bonus, in enable him to use the Shift Cars.

-Knowledge opened up Man’s heart to evil, so are the Roimude a chance to start over? Are they a second creation, intended to be superior to humanity? Will that be borne out later? Why were the Roimude created?

-The Shift Cars and Drive’s power sets are somewhat limited by Tomari’s state of mind. The psychology behind this and the Hero’s human struggle is a very interesting dynamic, I hope to see played out more and more.


Other Notes-Things that stick out, but aren’t really important to the narrative


-I may start saying Beta Style all the time!

-I dislike the stylistic choice to de-sync slowdown sufferers speech with their mouth movements. Sometimes there is no correlation at all, as if the dialogue is made up afterwards, it feels a little amateurish to me.

-Do Dump Trucks have Drills? Dumpy doesn’t, but he does live on a farm, so that may explain it.

-STEALING FOOD? That’s a great, simple angle.

Superintendent Eiji and Lt. Otta seem to disagree on the veracity of the Density Shift. Is that an inconsistency?

-Im not sure I liked how showy Tomari was acting at the beginning of the episode, especially when he taunts Chase for trying to be cool. I’m afraid he’ll skew Shotaro.

-The Proto-Drive/Machine Chaser connection enabling crossplay with Shift Cars is a clever and satisfying conceit.

-Tomari calling out the idea of a cliché villain speech was good for a laugh.

-I’m such a sucker for the Weapon mods for a Rider type character. I’m really glad Machine Chaser gets them

-I think Machine Chaser’s gear might be more stream-lined or natural-feeling than Drive’s.


-Was the farce executed by the CSU believable? I liked Rinna’s role in it, but I’m not sure I buy it from everyone, though the “Twinsies!” moment was precious.

-What was Rumble Dump even doing on Wild Drive’s shoulder tire?

-Why would Crush try to kill the President, instead of extort him for more explosive? For the Drama? No good.

-Crush riding the snake was stupid and awesome!

-I was waiting for the Tridoron variant, but didn’t expect it so soon. I like how those extra tires have TWO purposes now.


Next Episode| 07

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