Crisis Reincarnate-Sailor Moon Crystal 10 Review

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 10- Moon

Queen Metalia and Queen Beryl are among the most devious and wicked villains I have ever encountered. Something great about them is that as much as they are Evil on a grand scale, they are also evil on the petty, human level, see: Beryl’s mockery of the Sailor Guardians and the plot she forms at the end of the episode to get the Legendary Silver Crystal. Her plot is not elaborate and sneaky as have been the past attempts of the Four kings to find and obtain the Legendary Silver Crystal, and while it could be argued that it follows the template of preying on human frailty through trickery it is more base- down and dirty keeps coming to mind as I think about it. Another great thing about their villainy is that it is completely legitimate and scary without being indulgent or sadistic in it’s portrayal. These murderous beings who control people like puppets, delight in ordering those under their power to kill their loved ones and want to siphon human energy, mean serious business and their presence in the brightly colored and mostly up-beat world of Sailor Moon crystal adds a real edge to it that is exactly what is needed to invest the viewer in struggles of the show’s heroes. The dichotomy of the hate-filled, power mad forces of evil and the loving, peace-keeping protectors of Earth who make up the forces of good in Sailor Moon Crystal is clearly distinguished, the sides fulfill their roles more than adequately, but Takeuchi goes beyond that and shows us how the Sailor Guardians rely on themselves and lean on each other to find the inner-strength to face the evil in the world. They continue to smile, not because they have to, but because they can be happy even though the Dark Kingdom is gathering strength and they struggle to stop it for the sake of the things that make them smile and so that others can experience those things too.

I don’t know what could have made it better, so this episode earns 5 of 5 stars.


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