In Magic Land- Wizard Kamentary- RX! 088


Sono and Ammit provide commentary for Kamen Rider Wizard: In Magic Land.

RX 088
Check out Rinko doing the kind of stuff she should have been able to do in the series itself. What happened to this show? This caption box isn’t big enough to highlight the disappointments.

Hello there listener, this is Ammit and I am here to deliver a special message! We have no show notes for this episode, because we just opened our minds and let things flow as we re-wathced the movie, but I thought it would be nice to include something textual on which you can ruminate , so here are some excerpts from our past musings on Wizard.


In response to Sora and all the other villains in Wizard being useless, Ammit said the following,

Wizard’s story and plot have been extremely thin, but writers have used him to make things happen in the story. Sora got Phoenix killed so he could get closer to Wiseman and figure out WTH is going on. He has been an audience proxy wondering what is THE PLOT and he has pushed things to discover that.

He has assembled scraps of information such as

1) he and Wiseman are similar with the whole human heart/maintaining humanity thing

2) the Philosopher’s Stone can turn Phantoms human

3) Wiseman needs Mana, NOT Phantoms for the Sabbat and

4) he has figured out that Koyomi is the Philosopher’s Stone or very much connected to it.

When Beast got Hyper, Sora watched and wondered if Wiseman might somehow be like Chimera and need Mana, which seeded the idea early, which is good.

I’m not saying the show is good, but Sora is one of the most interesting parts to me. He has been seriously sidelined in the last few episodes, so it will be interesting to see how he is dealt with for the end.

In response to the idea that being a Wizard in Kamen Rider Wizard is a terrible burden, Ammit says,

This show has not done a good job of showing being a Wizard to be a bad thing at all. Is going through Despair awful? Yes, but it is a normal part of life. Everyone faces adversity and some become stronger while others are crushed by it. The side effect of this for a Gate who has overcome Despair: being able to become a Wizard doesn’t cause them to suffer. Once a Gate lives through Despair, they can either have someone else destroy their magical potential (or the Phantom which is the source of it, like Haruto did with Rinko and Shunpei) or they can take charge of their lives and choose to become a magic wielder. Once a Wizard, a former Gate can do anything they choose. They can fight Phantoms and increase their numbers and success rate or they can choose any other path. Why is that bad?



I’m going to break down the format of Team Wizard for you because it’s simple, but necessary for you to know how I’m looking at Team Wizard to understand where I’m coming from with this.

  • Active Magic – Haruto: Fight Phantoms
  • Passive Magic – Koyomi: Locate Phantoms
  • Active Banal – Rinko: Investigate Phantoms & Gates
  • Passive Banal – Shunpei: Emotional Support for Gates
  • Wildcard – Nitou: Whatever the fuck he wants

(I am using “Banal” here to mean “non-magical”, not “boring”.)

This is a hell of a well rounded team. Everyone has a purpose. Everyone is WELL SUITED to their purpose, and no one else on the team could play anyone else’s role as effectively as the person in that role. (With exception to specific cases that involve pre-established emotional bonds. These specific cases usually center around Nitou.)

After the debacle that was the Fourze cast, as much as I love them, this is very refreshing and nice to see. Everyone’s part in this dynamic leads to successfully rescuing whatever gate we have to protect at any given time. The fact that they all know their role and can cooperate is what makes them able to do this.

Read more.


You can’t save everyone.

This theme ties into a lot of things in Wizard. It’s something central to all of our main phantoms, and to Haruto, Rinko (who serves as a foli for Haurto, and who through the Phoenix arc is really the first one to set this theme in play), and Koyomi. Possibly even to Shunpei and Nitou but I can’t think of how at the moment.

  • Medusa: Sometimes people have changed too much.
  • Gremlin: Sometimes people aren’t who you think they are.
  • Phoenix: Sometimes people are just too far gone.
  • Wiseman: Sometimes people are too focused on their own goals to realize they need saving.

Read more.


If you’re interested in hearing more about Wizard, you can search out older episodes or wait a bit for the Wizard edition of Riderology to be re-published.

Get more magic-related reading form Sono.


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