The Future of Riderology- Fourze, Wizard, Gaim and You

Hello there,

the unKamenCrew is at work again to bring you more critical analysis of a bygone Rider. We want to finish Fourze and complete our coverage of the Post-Decade shows, before jumping back to the first 10 shows. Riderology for Wizard and Gaim are more or less complete, but need to be re-packaged ad collated for your listening enjoyment, so those should come out before whatever show we cover after Fourze.

Lesson Plan

Our coverage of Fourze will be broken up into 8 lessons.

  • In the (1) first Lesson of Riderology for Kamen Rider Fourze, we will discuss the themes of the show and the plot in general as well as our likes and dislikes of the first 16 episodes.
  • The next two lessons will cover the (2) middle and (3) end arcs of Fourze.
  • After that we’ll reach for the stars and discuss (4) the top 4 Horoscopes and their dangerous ambitions, followed by the (5) lackluster stars that are Leo and the Laplace Horoscopes
  • Once clear of the forces of darkness, we’ll discuss (6) the portrayal of women in the series and even the Fourze movies.
  • Finally, we’ll wrap up by talking about the guys in the Kamen Rider Club in two parts. First we’ll discuss the most (7) traditionally heroic triumvirate of Kengo, Shun and Gentarou, then we’ll talk about (8) JK and Ryusei being a bit superfluous and ask whether or not the cast was bloated.

Kamen Rider Fourze 1-16 Synopsis

Mr. Utahoshi died on the moon 17 years prior to series start leaving his son Kengo, without a father. 16 years after that, Kengo received a package on his birthday which contained a note and an Astro Switch which he inadvertently activated trying to hide it from Yuuki Joujima who had sought him out because of her passion for space and his lineage. Together they entered the passage inside a locker that took them to the Rabbit Hutch, where Kengo’s father had created the Fourze system and a few Astro Switches. They read through his notes and took the mission upon themselves to stop the Zodiarts from causing harm to humanity. One year later a hole opened up which lead to an increase in the flow of Cosmic Power localized over their campus at Amanogawa High School. That same day Gentarou Kisiragi, an old grade school friend of Yuuki’s transferred to AGHS and joined forces with them to defend the earth and the school from the Zodiarts who are in fact running the school and manipulating the student body to their own ends, the first step of which is to increase their ranks so that all 12 Horoscopes are together.

Let your voice be heard!

We have thought long and hard about the Fourze, but you probably have questions to ask or compelling issues to discuss that we missed, so I ask that you would share and help make this round of Riderology better than the last.

Please reply to this post with your own questions or topics to discuss from Fourze’s first arc. You can also make submissions to our inbox or ask box.

Not sure where to start? Not interested in adding your own question? That’s fine, but how do you answer the questions below? We want to know.

  1. What themes do you see in the first 16 episodes of Kamen Rider Fourze?
  2. What were the highs and lows of the first arc?
  3. Who is your favorite character in the Kamen Rider Club? -Least favorite?
  4. To which clique would you belong at Amanogawa High School?
  5. Who is you favorite Zodiart?
  6. Do you prefer Scorpio or Libra?

3 thoughts on “The Future of Riderology- Fourze, Wizard, Gaim and You

  1. 1: Compassion, individual expression, and altruism through a high school setting. Very anime-influenced.
    2: Does first arc mean first two episodes or first sixteen?
    Highs: Yuki and Gen’s friendship always makes for really strong scenes to me for some reason.
    Lows: Yuki is never even considered for the position of fourze? I don’t know, in episode 2 she says she decided on helping make Gen Fourze because she thinks he’s the best person to help Kengo. Hmmm…
    (A particular moment of joy comes at episode 16 where he does the secret handshake with a zodiart. It was AWESOME.)
    3: My favorite club member? Tomoko I think. Ootsugi isn’t in the club until later but I never liked him, and Shun was kind of not really all there.
    4: I guess the geeks or whatever.
    5: Who is you favorite Zodiart? I think sagitarius? Rock star satan goat
    6: Scorpio. Libra’s just really lame in all areas so everyne is better than him.

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