Tears To Jewels – Sailor Moon Crystal 9 -MS 08

Join Sono and Ammit as they discuss the revelations of Queen Serenity’s real true identity and get some more Silver Millennium information.


Meat and Veggies

SMC 09 – Princess Serenity

-Usagi’s love for Mamoru breaks the seal on the LSC and her memories.

-Usagi and the others awaken to their memories.

-Mamoru is taken by Kunzite and Queen Beryl after they see the light of the LSC enter his body and possibly mistakenly believe that he has its power now, despite the fact that Usagi still has the tangible LSC.

-I’m confused about what Beryl and Kunzite did and did not see happen with Mamoru, but Usagi’s mention of the LSC not glowing or shining makes me wonder if she somehow transferred its power into him.

-Queen Metalia had fomented a war against Princess Serenity and Silver Millennium by tainting the minds of humans and especially possessing someone who looks like Queen Beryl. That woman struck and it seems killed Endymion, who I believe was the Prince of Earth’s unified Earth Kingdom, who was defending Princess Serenity just as Mamoru was defending Usagi.

-The final scene where Usagi is struggling with the idea of retaining her identity, despite now having these other memories. The others supporting her and reminding her of her strength was a  lovely scene.


-Was there magical travel between Earth and the Moon? That was a little unclear

-Usagi’s body transforms a bit after her memories are unsealed, this is made quite clear when the other Sailor Guardians visit her sometime after Mamoru’s abduction. This leads to an awesome scene in her bedroom, where her knights are acting as a personal court or entourage, hanging with her, cutting her hair which had lengthened and was glowing or at least had turned silver.

-What does Usagi’s bodily transformation after her memories are unsealed mean? I never gave this any thought in Yu-Gi-Oh where no one ever mention the transformation of Yugi to Yami with the power of the Millennium Puzzle, but I think these shows are on different levels.

-Here’s a cultural, societal question with a lot of set up, so please humor me here.

We have briefly touched on the fact that when she has done her Pen Changes, Usagi transforms into a different outfit, but also has a more shapely figure. When she breaks the seal on her memories her hair and bust change, namely they both grow. It seemed like a lot to me, almost to the point of distraction. But then I thought, what would a little girl be looking at? And it didn’t bother me, I was able to put on innocent lenses and just see the drama there for Usagi and I feared for Mamoru.

-Now, as a girl when you first watched, was Usagi’s bodily transformation as pronounced as it is here?

-Is it more about artistic expression of a change in her or is it more literal?

-Is the transformation about womanhood vs girlhood in some way? Do you feel that being buxom, if you can forgive the flightiness of that turn of phrase, is pushed forth as a sign of womanhood in a problematic way at all? I don’t think any girl or woman should feel like that is the standard. Perhaps I should stop talking and let you answer.


If you’d like to comment on our thoughts, or ask any questions our inbox is trialofheroes@gmail.com or we can be reached individually @sonoyourface and @trialofheroes on Twitter. We hope you enjoyed the show and thank you for listening.

The opening and closing for this episode can be found here and here, please check out the other cool work this musician has done.

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