Shifted Focus -Drive 03-04 -RX! 087



Today we’re putting Drive to the test as speedy as we can, as we cover:

03 Who Took Her Smile? and 04 What Does The Proud Hunter Want?

Q1– Was the situation set up with Asaya attacking all these women and Kiriko being his favorite because of how terrified she was good or bad? Was it sexist or misogynistic?

Q2– What did you think about Vegas paralleling Shinnousuke and Kiriko? Did it add to or take away from their stories and the seriousness of the Roimude’s attacks?

RX 087

Facts-What we know, know about the plot and characters of the show

-The Roimude have an ability to disguise themselves as human, when not using their other powers or abilities.

-The previous Drive was called Proto-Drive and the Roimude are the ones who came up with the name Kamen Rider and then they killed him.

-Machine Chaser’s job is to destroy the Roimude bodies, but preserve the Cores allowing them a chance to start over and have a better go at living out their lives. His job is to keep them in line, so that they stay hidden from the public, as the upper echelons of Roimude are waiting to come out in full force once a certain number is reached.

-Mr. Belt can sense Density Shifts in close proximity to him

Potential Leads- These are things to keep an eye on, as they may develop into something more interesting or central to the narrative in time

-RE: Chase How are you a Roimude if you don’t go from human to Roimude-form the same way they do?

-Mr. Belt knows Machine Chaser…. WELL not really, but… Mr. Belt’s “that man!” was more of a generic “HEY, that guy is using my system!” than a hint that he knows him, but the real juicy bit was his suggestion that the Roimude used the Proto-Drive tech to create their own version.

-Who is working on the Drive gear? Is Mr. Belt compartmentalizing his operation and having Rinna do it secretly?

Other Notes-Things that stick out, but aren’t really important to the narrative

-WTF casual misogyny and judging this lady on her looks?! OY Sanjo!

-WTF Asaya, Mr. Avant Garde has old garde sensibilities regarding his ability to guard beautiful women from his advances!

-Thanks goodness Fujumiya Hajime was there to call out his master on his off-putting behavior!

-The imagery of the hands being stripped away by that monster gave me serious stripping of agency vibes, that got me ready to be upset by what was to come.

-Shinnosuke kissing Vegas was a cute moment.

-Monster Mafia Bar is GREAT! I want to see way more of the big guy eating with Brain, Heart and Paint! I don’t know what he was eating, but I want some, NOW!

-Shinnosuke’s “This will be the face of Justice.” line was so cool. I think it was even devoid of any sexist undertones, it seemed a perfectly egalitarian threat to protect people to me.

-THIS feels so Kamen Rider to ME!!

-I love Kiriko taking and using Shift Cars as a regular part of how she functions with the Drive tech.

-Vegas having a vendetta against Paint/010 is a net thread I hope seeing pulled again and again in different ways as the series progresses.

-OOOoohh, Paint is CREEPY!!

-Kiriko’s actress did such an amazing job when she pulled her gun on Paint.

-Chaser going after Tridororn was exhilarating!

-The Dimension Cab stuff as well as Dream Vegas’s body manipulation is STUPID, but I’ll let it pass for now. It should have worked more like Wizard’s CONNECT.

-I really like Kiriko and Shinnosuke’s partnership thus far.

Next Episode| 05 What Are The Steely Thieves After?

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One thought on “Shifted Focus -Drive 03-04 -RX! 087

  1. Q1. I’m not sure it was either, it seemed to me like a person who collects butterflies in those glass cases, they don’t do it out of hate for butterflies, but because they appreciate their beauty, it doesn’t make Paint’s tokusatsu form of Serial Kidnappings did any less weird, creepy, and horribly wrong though.

    Q2. I thought it was a nice parallel(Except less Shinnousuke and Kiriko, and more Shinnousuke and Hayase, because of the whole “Injured Partner” Thing for me), and an interesting bit of character development for Dream Vegas(Though minimal) i didn’t expect the transformation gimmicks to have personalities and quirks, the last thing remotely like that i can think of is the Fuestles, or if you count the fact the Foodroid’s are powered by them, the Astro Switches.

    An Honest Observation:
    Man, you guys are REALLY clinging to Kiriko becoming this super ultra amazing woman character that’ll erase all of the follies of the mistreated female characters in Kamen Rider, almost to the point of Sheer Obsession, i don’t care either way as long as Drive keeps me entertained.

    On the point of Rinna being a Roidmude Spy, this season is the first season in a while (since Decade i think?) without a Female Villain Commander, Eh? Eh?

    Was Proto-Drive’s princess carry out of disrespect? It seemed to like generic ‘Hey kids i’m a hero, look how much of a hero i am’ kind of thing that was done without thought, so i guess that’s the problem with it.

    Who only gives a usually 50 episode show less then a Tenth of the run? at least give it 5 episodes!

    The things you guys found in Fourze blow my mind sometimes, then again, i don’t look too deep.

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