The Good, the Bad and the Wacky- Part 5 [END]-Riderology Kamen Rider OOO -RX! 059


Subject: Kamen Rider OOO Q4 Episodes 39-48.

Hosts: Grimmhelm, Mewzard, Ammit, and Professor What

It’s time for us to judge all the show that Kobayashi and crew could muster and throw at us. It isn’t that we don’t appreciate the effort taken to produce a gargantuan show like this, week after week, after week, but that doesn’t mean we won’t call out its flaws and failings. Join us for the mostly positive but appropriately critical final analysis of that power animal, alchemical power using Shaman Rider OOO!

Below is an excerpt from the notes used to make this episode.

OOO 39- A Nightmare, a Security Camera, and Ankh’s Counterattack

Ankh awakens from a nightmare about a semi-Greed Eiji and kid-Ankh stealing his Medals from him, there is also a dead looking Shingo. He wonders if it is Shingo’s fault and warns Eiji to control his Cores. Shimoda Gonzou, a neighborhood Watchman who is going all big brother asks Eiji to remove himself and Ankh from the neighborhood to maintain it’s sanctity. Kid-Ankh sees his overbearing antics and hosts a Yummy from him, in hopes to become complete.

Sataonaka and Gouto are now officially partners in fighting the Greeed and they butt heads a bit: he’s ever vigilant and she’s always waiting for break time. They go to help Eiji and Ankh, but Satonaka takes a long time and shows up in gothic-lolita garb.

Kid-Ankh now is sure of his identity and is eager to absorb his arm. In a plot twist, Gonzou’s wife is the Yummy host and her desire is to rule over people.

Also, Eiji stops Ankh from reattaching to Shingo after the Yummy disappears because Hina had asked him about it after Ankh had been a really huge jerk about possessing Shingo and respecting Hina’s wishes about Ankh playing her brother for his birthday party.


– I officially love Kougami’s antics, playing piano, making cakes and singing happy birthday

– Why is Satonaka so lazy?

Constant food coma :3

– I’m glad Mezul isn’t in kid form, when they’re talking about her liking Maki

– Ankh really is an ingrate and a jerk, or at least that’s his persona. I hate it either way.

– Why not let Chiyoko know about being OOO and the truth about Ankh?

That always seemed off to me. I don’t see how letting somebody who is both a landlord and a close friend in on a weird secret like that could be detrimental to a relationship or a plot.

– Gouto is so awesome as the militia-Birth, I love it. The little Medal holder on his wrist! The bike back pack folding the Medals! I love it all!!!

– Why the F is Satonaka fighting in fetishistic Loli-faire?! She does a decent support job, but am I supposed to be jerking off to this?

Birth as an operational unit of the Foundation is just brilliant, but Satonaka’s inclusion seems to weaken it for her laziness and her attire.

OOO 40- Control, a Birthday Party, and a Vanishing Ankh

Ankh repossesses Shingo after Eiji hesitates to let him. Later in Eiji’s room, Hina says she is starting to change her thoughts and feelings regarding Ankh and Shingo. Eiji tells her that he would have to get rid of Ankh if she stops being ok with the current situation. The Yummy has tagged a bunch of cops with feathers creating a police state for Mrs. Shimoda to rule over so she can revel in their freedom inhibiting activities. Chiyoko gets kicked out of her restaurant and they have a birthday party for Ankh down by the river after he half heartedly tries to strangle Hina. It seems things have changed between Ankh, Eiji and Hina.

Gouto bribes Satonaka to be more prompt and she shows up mid fight to help the Riders finally defeat the Yummy. Which was kid-Ankh’s plan all along! He waited for Ankh to return to Cous Cousier relaxed after their victory and he absorbs him taking many Cores and freeing Shingo fully of the possession. Kid-Ankh regenerates his right arm and wing, but his face remains incomplete.


– Ankh is an awful person

– Why does Hina put up with Ankh’s crap?

Ankh may not have his personality, but he has Shingo’s face – that’s enough to sway Hina over. It’s effectively emotional abuse and trauma.

– Dude pulled out an ASP on Chiyoko? WOW, not ok! You go Chiyoko! She would have made Captain america proud! Why is Mrs. Shimoda such a dirty fascist?

– I like the lame attempt to make the Candroids cooler and more marketable by slapping a few together to make a holo-cam and projector. PLEASE! That little scene was so unnecessary.

– I hope this means we don’t get fetish combat wear Satonaka anymore.

– Wow, that kid-Ankh is sharp.


The full notes are fairly exhaustive, but if you’d like an insight into my mind while it digests Rider, you can have it in full.

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