The Good, the Bad and the Wacky- Part 4-Riderology Kamen Rider OOO -RX! 056

Logo_AlbumSubject: Kamen Rider OOO Q3 Episodes 29-38 + OOO Wonderful.

Hosts: Grimmhelm, Mewzard, Ammit, and Professor What

Deeper into OOO we go as misgivings start to emerge for Ammit who is still overall positive on the show. Professor What, Mewzard and Grimmhelm have all finished the show and fondly recall their experiences with this stretch of episodes as well as trace lines that connect the beginning and end of OOO that they can perceive thanks to their having already finished it.

Below is an excerpt from the notes used to make this episode.

OOO 34- Best Friends, Manipulations, and Relationships

RX 056


Kitamura wants Eiji to be his friend or rely on him. Ankh outs him to Eiji and Hina, but Eiji covers for him and the three guys head off to find Date and Gouto. Eiji taps into the host-Yummy relationship to narrow their search and they find the Kougami employees just after Date tells Gouto that he is ready to be Birth and that he should seize the chance at his next opportunity. Kitamura asks Eiji why he helps Ankh who he must know is manipulating him. Eiji answers that because Ankh is around he has the power to save people and that he is, in fact, using Ankh. Kitamura gets Eiji to Ankh and Maki leaves, not wanting all 10 Medals to be together. Eiji asks for the Dino Medals to lend them their strength and calls forth the set barely controlling his own henshin sequence with them. He still goes berserk and defeats the snow Owl Yumy after Kid-Ankh lands a rider kick and flattens him for a moment. Ankh lures the still enraged Eiji telling him he will be restored no matter what and he needs Eiji for that, even though he cares not for him otherwise.


– after treating Hina like an oppressed housewife, against which she doesn’t buck.

– I enjoy Date’s poor assessment of and guesses at on what animals the bird Yummies are based.

– Date used some last episode too, but how long has he been doing wrestling moves? I like how it matches his personality; brash with some finesse.

-Kita|Mura as in Mirai as in Here Future, as in the future of Kamen Rider is HERE talking about FRIENDSHIP and HIGH SCHOOL!!! This is when they decided on Fourze!

– Bullshit, they’re not friends

OOO 35- Dreams, a Brother, and Birth’s Secret

Hina, who has long dreamt of being a fashion designer wins first place at a fashion show, after which she is approached by one of the judges to work with him in his Parisian studio. She hesitates because of Shingo, who it seems may be re-surfacing as a result of the face-to-face between Ankhs.

Uva seems to be warming up to the idea of absorbing Cores, as he is desperate for more power after meeting kid-Ankh. Uva shows up and steals a Blue Medal and splits along with the Purple dream-crushing Unicorn Yummy after Date falls to the ground clutching his head. It turns out Date has a bullet in his brain– he had kept that from Kougami, who doesn’t mind, now that he knows, He knows it affects him negatively, but the President is fine with him continuing to work as Birth.

Uva guns for OOO’s Medals and sets a group of Psuedo-Yummies upon Eiji, which he destroys with the Dino-Cruncher Gun that the Purple Medals allow him to have as Sugozo.

Date continues to fight the Unicorn, but his injury kicks in and the battle moves away from him, focusing on Eiji, Ankh, Uva and Cazari. The Yummy flees after destroying Hina’s dream. Uva vs Cazali results in Uva getting a few more Mezul and Gamel Cores and Shingo wakes up!


– GORILLA ARMS GIVE YOU rocket punches!!!

– What are you doing to Hina!?

The full notes are fairly exhaustive, but if you’d like an insight into my mind while it digests Rider, you can have it in full.


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