Kamen Rider Drive Ep1: First Impressions

Brand New Love Song

So I’ve put off writing this post for a bout a week, because I wanted to take the time to really think over my opinions and not let my first-watch hype color how I present the first episode of Kamen Rider Drive. I watched it last Monday, first thing in the morning, and I was a mess of joy and happy girlish screams, but figured that to present this from an analytical standpoint as I’m doing here on BNLS, I want to take the time to calm down and look at things bit by bit and present the good and bad and form a more solid opinion. I’m going to kind of do a play-by-play of the episode along with my opinions, which I don’t intend to do every week, but because there are so many concepts and characters to be introduced to in episode one, I feel it’s a bit…

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