Enter Sailor V – Sailor Moon Crystal 07-08 -MS 07

Join Sono and Ammit as they discuss Tuxedo Mask and the awesome women with whom he shares the screen from Queen Serenity to Queen Beryl. Minako is so intense and the story is kicking into high gear. This is an exciting time to just be watching this show! When is the next out?!


Meat and Veggies

SMC 07 – Mamoru Chiba- Tuxedo Mask

-Mamoru wants his memories back

-Someone who looks like Sailor V is talking to Luna, directing her.

-All the Sailor Guardians are awakening to memories from their past lives.

-Tuxedo Mask had to save Sailor Moon from Soizite’s grasp and I’m not sure I like that, even though it came after Moon Healing Escalation.

-Mamoru’s wish is now Usagi! How romantic!

08 Minako- Sailor V

-Silver Millennium, Princess Serenity is Sailor V?! WHAT?! I thought this whole time it was Usagi

-Minako and her partner, Artemis were dealing with the Dark Kingdom form some time ago and she knows more than the others. She tells Artemis that she must settle things herself before the others regain their memories.

-Usagi dreams of Endymion escorting Pirncess Serenity through a horde of attacking Silver Millennium citizens.

-NO identification for Minako’s transformation seems like a clue and she and Kunzite seem to be connected as well.

-I’m not sure how to feel about Mamoru saving Usagi twice in this episode. The first was cool, then her warning him to run, kissing him and setting off to protect her friends was so heroic, but I feel like him protecting her undercuts some of her awesomeness. It does make me like him more though, especially his ability to leap 50 feet into the air.



-Mamoru and Usagi are definitely my OTP

-Soizite interrupted Sailor Moon’s post transformation spiel

-Beryl wants the Crystal instead of Metalia. Hello villain in-fighting!


-Minako is so INTENSE!!!

-Mamoru has shame without indulgent man-pain over his inability to save Usagi. That’s good.

-The animation for Serenity/Minako Aino in the opening was really good: she felt powerful, warm, and gentle.

-I like that these kohai are teaching their sempai about sticking together and being a team. It felt a little strong, but I think that this mostly adult cynicism.


If you’d like to comment on our thoughts, or ask any questions our inbox is trialofheroes@gmail.com or we can be reached individually @sonoyourface and @trialofheroes on Twitter. We hope you enjoyed the show and thank you for listening.

The opening and closing for this episode can be found here and here, please check out the other cool work this musician has done.

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