The Good, the Bad and the Wacky- Part 2-Riderology Kamen Rider OOO -RX! 043


Subject: Kamen Rider OOO Q2 Episodes 15-26

Hosts: Grimmhelm, Mewzard and Ammit.

OOO is getting better and better at this point. Some relationships develop, Ankh and Eiji reach an agreement by episode 16 that they continue to work on throughout the rest of the quarter. Gouto comes around to being a little nicer and Kamen Rider Birth debuts. A lot of intersting things start getting set up in this part of the show and we all really enjoyed talking about it.

We hope our discussion leaves you wanting more!

RX 043

Below is an excerpt from the notes used to make this episode.

OOO 15- Medal Combat, Transport, and Potential

Dr. Maki is almost ready with the Birth Driver but wants to see what the true power of the Medals is, what will happen when they are all together. Cazari who is two medals short of a complete resurrection tells Maki he has a plan. Maki tells Kougami he needs 5000 Cell Medals, so he sends Gouto and the remains of the Ridvendor Squadron to escort the Cells plus 1 Red Core. Ankh tells Eiji to to help him steal his Core back, when Eiji refuses Cazali shows his human face and says Hina is in the Medal transport van. Eiji investigates but can’t find Hina, Gouto even says he’d punish anyone who’d kidnap Hina- even Kougami. Eiji and Ankh follow the transport truck until the Greeed stop it. Hina awakens behind a hidden panel in the van, then a messy struggle happens where Ankh and Eiji lose more Cores,the Greeed amd Gouto go on a chase, where he crashes and Cazali takes all of Mezul’s Cores. Ankh and Eiji fight, realizing their stuck with each other and they make a deal to work together amicably. They save Hina with Gouto’s help, but the Greeed escape. At Maki’s lab, Cazari gets Gamel to put Mezul’s Cores into himself and Maki speaks to his doll of having all the Medals in one vessel.


-The big fight was a huge mess and the choreography was either over-ambitious or not grounded enough. Either way, it was a bit of a goofy mess.

-Gouto is really a cool character and I can’t wait to see him become Birth, I know it’s coming soon!

-The Cazari/Maki relationship deepens and so does his plot to move against his fellow Greeed. All this infighting is good and makes a lot of sense.

OOO 16- A Conclusion, A Greeed, and a New Rider

Eiji learns more about the Greeed, including the fact that they are incomplete creatures because they had no will at first, so their creators destroyed one of their Core Medals which gave them an unquenchable desire to become whole (and then Nihilistic, I guess). Gouto goes to arrest Dr. Maki who says he shouldn’t if he wants the power to save the world. Gamel stumbles around looking for Mezul and Uva attacks her to take her single remaining Core. Mezul finds Gamel and tells him to be one with her; she says she loves him and turns into a Medal-beast when Maki let’s out all 5000 Core Medals and throws in Mantis and Grasshopper. Eiji destroys it with Birth’s help and Gatakiriba. Kougami tells Satonaka that he wants the world to be reborn from Desire. Maki exposits aloud that he wants to see the world destroyed. Eiji tells Ankh he won’t let him become a monster, but is unclear on whether or not he’ll help him gather all the Medals. Birth untransforms and is someone who isn’t Gotou.


-The Mezul/Gamel interaction is moving and a little sad, sick as their relationship may be. (Get your mind out of the gutter!)

-The Maki/Kougami dichotomy become crstal clear here as the former says he wants destruction and the later wishes for rebirth, though one wonders if Kougami isn’t aware of the mad Doctor’s desire and is exploiting it to bring about his own.

-Wait, Gouto isn’t Birth?! The show genuinely surprised me here even though I knew it would go this way, more or less.

The full notes are fairly exhaustive, but if you’d like an insight into my mind while it digests Rider, you can have it in full.

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