The Good, the Bad and the Wacky- Part 1-Riderology Kamen Rider OOO -RX! 042

Logo_AlbumSubject: Kamen Rider OOO Q1 Episodes 1-14 + Movie War Core

Hosts: Grimmhelm, Mewzard and Ammit, featuring GomessQ!

So, after a long break from Quarterly episodes, the unKamenCrew is back to go in depth on discussions of Medallic monsters, formerly wandering heroes, and happy birthdays. As with W, Ammit is new to the show so, you get to laugh at his ignorance of future events or be thrilled and delighted by the prescience of the perceptions he draws from Kobayashi’s writing. Grimmhelm and Mewzard lovingly sigh over the glory that they now to be OOO and share some deeper insights based on their foreknowledge. One last thing, Ammit says Ankh is a huge jerk.

We hope our discussion leaves you wanting more!

RX 042

Bellow is an excerpt from the notes used to make this episode.

OOO 4- Doubts, Pics, and a Helping Hand


  1. Cazari asks Ankh to join the Greed. Ankh says he’ll think about it. Cazari trashses Eiji and leaves. 2. Hina takes Eiji back to Cous Cousier where he tells her he isn’t good or trustworthy and he just doesn’t want to regret inaction. Ankh plays with his phone, keeping tabs on the Yummy while Cazari stalks him. 3. Ankh sides with Eiji because he knows Cazari will betray him. Eiji gets saves the host beats the Yummy and manages to swipe Cazari’s Cores.

Ankh and Eiji bicker but are interrupted by Satonaka introducing them to Kougami Kousei via video monitor.[Nugget]


-I like how much in conflict with one another Ankh and Eiji are. They keep feeling each other out and pushing the limits of control and power in the relationship.

-Ankh is interesting in how opportunistic and measured he is, though he is somewhat capricious.

-I like how committed to helping people in trouble Eiji is, it’s great how he has this classic rider attitude and is haunted by something in his past, which pushes him to reach out to those near him.

-Cheetah legs are awesome for kicking. I love that effect.

  1. Cazari overpowers Eiji and offers for Ankh to join him in finding more Medals. Ankh says he needs to weigh the pros and cons, so Cazari leaves to give him some time. Eiji is shocked by the Greed’s strength. Ankh tells him they number 5: him, Cazali, Uva, Gamel and Mezul. Ankh spends the day researching on his iPhone,which it seems consists of looking at microblogs.
  2. Hina takes a passed out Eiji back to Cous Cousier; after he wakes up they talk about saving Shingo and whether or not she can trust Eiji. He says he isn’t a good person and Hina shouldn’t trust in him. Eiji says he just doesn’t want to live with the regret of having chosen to not help someone.
  3. Chiyoko tipped off Eiji and Ankh saw on his phone that the cat Yummy was at a nearby restaurant. Cazali who had been following Ankh -which he had seen on the microblogs in the area- is miffed by the negative answer when he says annoying and stupid humans won’t take his Medals so he is sticking with Eiji. Cazari attacks Eiji who takes his two Cores by sacrificing one of Uva’s (Mantis). Cazari goes and he Yummy swallows hungry boy who Eiji pulls out with rapid Cheetah leg kicks. Ankh and Eiji are interrupted while debating humanity’s weakness to their desires when Satonaka shows them a message from Kougami saying he is pleased to meet them and excited that this will herald the birth of something new. They look at each other with WTH?

OOO 5- A Game of Tag, a Liar and a Celebrity


Satonaka offers Eiji and Ankh Candroids and Kougami offers a partnership of his Medal System for a share of Medals from Ankh and Eiji’s exploits. Eiji is agreeable and Ankh isn’t, he advances on Satonaka and Gouto shots at him. The Greed take human forms like Ankh to better suit their goals, it seems they each make different types of Yummy. Hina reaches out to help a unsuspecting Yummy Host and Uva goes after Eiji for his Medal, but loses his Cores instead.


-I love how the Medals keep moving around and the deception and greed of the Greeed is really interesting to see played out.

-Kougami’s dead man’s switch is cool; his understanding of DESIRE makes him an interesting operator, he uses it to push and pull assets as he chooses.

-Gouto is a bit of a boss, I’m impressed by how sure he is about what he is doing, he has a simple and quite bold DESIRE to save the world.

The full notes are fairly exhaustive, but if you’d like an insight into my mind while it digests Rider, you can have it in full.

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