REALLY- What Is A Kamen Rider? -Drive 02 -RX! 086



SPECIAL NOTE: For those who still can’t access that last Gaim episode, I put it in the Google Drive, which should be accessible to all.

Aleph, Ammit, Jonathan and Sono discuss and review Kamen Rider Drive 02- What is a Kamen Rider?

Today we’re putting Drive to the test as speedy as we can, as we cover:

Drive 02 What Is A Kamen Rider?

Q1. How far is Shinnosuke from being a Kamen Rider?

Q2. Does a Rider need a bike?

Q3. What is the core of Riderhood?


Facts-What we know, know about the plot and characters of the show

-The Roimudo/Roimude abduct people to replicate their traits and form an identity for themselves.

-People rejected or Passed OVER are marked red, but they recover from it.

-The unit works together, despite their bickering and differences, to find and crunch data into meaningful nuggets to help solve cases; here we see them work together to find out the location of the beefy Roimudo.

-Kiriko couldn’t be Drive and that is partly why she is so firm about Shinnosuke getting in gear and staying motivated.

Potential Leads- These are things to keep an eye on, as they may develop into something more interesting or central to the narrative in time

-Mr. Belt used to be a guy and now he seems to have transferred his consciousness into the Driver and the Shift Cars

-Shinnosuke is reticent to jump into being Drive because he has thought about for Mr. Belt and the Shift Cars function

-Are Shinnosuke and Kiriko supposed to parallel Heart and Brain? The lines about smiling are kind of a red flag for me.

Spoilers for W coming up in the following speculation



-Why do the Roimudo, Kiriko and Mr. Belt all know what a Kamen Rider is? They are likely connected as Shinnosuke observed. Mr. Belt did tell Shinnosuke that the Shift Cars are designed to protect humanity and it seems like he is Shroud cast as Soukichi Narumi and serving Phillip’s role, so did he create everything and call himself Kamen Rider when he went to fight against his mad machines?



-The creepy stinger scene at the end with ghost like ladies who have missing hands is either just Halloween pandering or a set up to the next Roimudo really wanting hands or valuing dexterity, or something like that over the beefcake form this episode being more vain.

Other Notes-Things that stick out, but aren’t really important to the narrative

-Brain has a brain ring? OK.

-Genpachiro trying to out-Skully Skully is irritating.

-Do the armor bits of the suit actually come off of Tridoron’s front passenger side?!

-The purple guy running fast as well as the bat and spider doing the Sonic and Tails thing looked really good. I can’t tell how much was CGI and how much was practical, but they looked convincingly fast.

-There was some bad editing on the cars as obstacles portion of the chase though…

-The Tire Extension thing used to get Tridoron out from under the rubble, could have been better executed. We now have the Shift Cars that drive on techy tracks, hop from surface to surface in order to drive and teleport from inside Tridoron to outside Tridoron.

-I like the Shift Car dashboard dock and the fact that the Tires on the back serve as implements for Shift Car power-ups  as seen in the parking garage.

Igadevil was right about the Tire Change wheel spin on Mr. Belt being a fun and effective nod to the turbine on Typhoon

-It seems the Tire Changes for the main 3 Shift Cars and the auxiliaries are different; I prefer the less involved Hunter Tire Change seen in this episode.

-Great bit of suit acting with Seiji Takawa selling the weight of Hunter’s gate grill.

-This use of the Tires for the finisher is what I want to be the norm from now on, if we have to get all this CGI for Drive’s finishers.

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One thought on “REALLY- What Is A Kamen Rider? -Drive 02 -RX! 086

  1. Regards Aleph’s question about what is more frustrating; highlighting the fact that a female cast member can’t be a rider, versus not addressing it at all? I have to say that when it is high-lighted in show it is super frustrating for me because it affects my ability to suspend my disbelief. My entire time watching the show is spent thinking up every single reason why the lady could be a rider, and should be a rider, and all the missed opportunities. And if a Kamen Rider show really wanted to go hard at the terrible lack of female riders and really make an issue out of that? That would be great. Instead it always feels a bit more like they’re trying to cut off the complaint before it can start. “She can’t be a rider because of reasons we won’t address again.”

    So what I’m basically saying is… the only way for Drive to make this not an insanely, and rather patronisingly, frustrating thing, is to have Kiriko become Kamen Rider Mach.

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