Gaim Taim – Gaim 46-47 – RX! 084


This episode contains explicit language and is therefore not part of the normal feed, but you can hear it with just a click or two.


For those who still can’t access the episode, but want to I put it in the Google Drive, which should be accessible to all.

Tod and Rob (who was previously on the show to discuss the Gaim ToQ crossover) take a some what lighthearted run at the last two episodes of Kamen Rider Gaim, 46 and 47.

Just some of the topics discussed are:

-Fist of the North Star being more mature and nuanced than Gaim

-How awful Mitsuzane is

-Baron’s rockin’ Invess suit

-Kouta’s weird look as Fruit-Jesus

-What’s the deal with Kouta and Mai going to Mars?

-The proper grooming and manscaping of Takatora Kureshima

and so much more.

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6 thoughts on “Gaim Taim – Gaim 46-47 – RX! 084

  1. I’m pretty sure the maturity plot thread ended around either when the world started ending or after he woke up from Redyue’s Hallucination. It i think it ended up being tied into his ‘Reason for fighting plot thread’.
    A lot of plot threads that seemed important where tied off a long time ago, almost unnoticeably so.

    The whole ‘He must have it worst’ is probably something from an old belief system, “The mind is weaker than the body” probably something like that, only speculation.

    At this point, one can assume Kouta’s Sister was probably a janitor or something unimportant, mostly it was useless character background.

    Was Oren offensive? i didn’t think he was relevant enough to be offensive in anyway possible. though i guess that’s why he’s offensive.

    I mean Takatora was only doing that stuff because he thought it was the only way… of course i’m not sure you saw the episode in question, meh.

    Most of Gaim’s character development are loose strands to be tightened at the viewer’s will, allowing them to find their own conclusions, you’re not supposed to be drawn towards a character, your supposed grab at strings and tugs the ones you prefer to pull. I think.

    The ‘Man Voice’ was the Summer Movie villain, y’know, tying up loose ends. I think the hesitation was to show Micchy is trying to change.

    It’s odd how we get a Black RX like monster, then the next Rider has a car which the same rider who was monsterifyied had one as well, foreshadowing?

    47 was basically Toei going “Nope, can’t have this ending with various implication and questions! TEAM UP! HAPPY HAPPY! RIDER KICK! YEAH!”

    Phew~ Well i’m going to go back to lurking around the Drive Podcasts

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