Ererything Is Un- Persona 4 The Golden Animation 11 Review

Persona 4 the Golden Animation – 11 Let It Out! Let It GO!

OK. I will.

Please change your narrative flow P4GA team. The current set up is not making me want to continue watching the series. Poorly constructed cliffhangers are frustrating and anti-climactic. Perhaps the structure of this episode was meant to mirror the first episode, but that one had two endings, while this latest episode had one and one half. The pacing just felt interrupted, not compelling, as if this team hasn’t made (at least) the previous ten episodes. I hardly quit media (because I am very selective), especially of a story I enjoy, but the thing about secondary or tertiary media is that if it is ineffective or poorly executed, it makes it easier to quit. I know I enjoy Persona 4 and I don’t need prove it to anyone by sticking with a show I don’t like. The first half of this episode was really good,  it firmed my desire to play Persona 4 Golden, if only so I and my real life can present the issues of timing in how I experience the story. I think I’m done. I might just go watch more Sailor Moon instead, there is a dub of the 90’s anime now, maybe I’ll go in on that.

For just ending and giving me no reason to want to come back, I give this episode 3 out of 5.


One thought on “Ererything Is Un- Persona 4 The Golden Animation 11 Review

  1. You know that this episode didn’t really fit the definition of a cliffhanger, right? It showed there’s one more mystery to be solved, but last week’s episode was a cliffhanger, not this week’s. The pacing felt fine to me seeing as the fight to free Marie could not take up a whole episode by itself after last week, so it took the time after the battle to have fun and show all the Valentines day stuff that wasn’t in the original game or anime.

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