We Want Drive – Gaim 45 – RX! 82


Aleph, Ammit and Jonathan discuss and review Kamen Rider Gaim 45. Aleph steps out feeling a little under the weather, but Jonathan and Ammit stick around to slobber all over the extended Drive trailer.

Just some of the topics discussed are:

Kaito’s Misogyny

The show’s misogyny

How the dichotomy between Kouta and Kaito could have been better portrayed

How AWESOME Kouta’s declaration to Kaito was before their fight started.

Ammit predicts how the fight will end. It looks something like this:


What do you want to see happen with Mr. Belt in Drive? Comment on the speculation post and let’s have some fun talking about all the fresh new possibilities as speedy as we can!

Check out Sono’s many thoughts on the Drive trailer.

Contact the show unkamencastrx@gmail.com

Or tweet the show @unKamenRX

Aleph @NeedsMoreAleph

Ammit @TrialOfHeroes

Jonathan @TheImposter

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