Kamen Rider Drive: Full Trailer

Brand New Love Song

Earlier this week, we got the full trailer for Kamen Rider Drive, and it gave us a good look at the show we’re going to be spending the next year with. Let me tell you, I’m pretty damn excited and I want to go over some of the things we saw and what they might mean for Kamen Rider Drive.

We open up with just how wide the scope of the attack by our villain/monster group, the Roimyūdo, is. We see many different people being attacked, and connect this directly to our central protagonist, Tomari Shinnosuke, by seeing him screaming and running toward an attack. We’re then graced with several large explosions among city buildings, and then we cut to a much wider shot over Japan and part of China where we see both countries lit by many simultaneous explosions. Our first look into this world is one that presents just how vast the…

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