Not Fun Anymore- Persona 4 The Golden Animation 10 Review

Persona 4 the Golden Animation – 10 Not Fun Anymore

I’m once again feeling like this is a different show, which will ultimately work against the series as a whole. The scope of the material covered serves to give a fairly cohesive experience as a first time viewer and enriches the world and story for fans who have seen the original show and played at least the original game. The new areas being explored in the timeline are especially interesting to me because the original game just skipped over them. The show therefore gets a lot of credit and goodwill from me for being able to work in that unexplored area without changing things. Seeing the characters operating towards the end of the story as I know it, as a group who has competently dealt with a murderous adult and a nihilistic goddess in a new situation where they are really unsure of what to do is so fun. Everyone is behaving in a more grown-up way than at the beginning of this series, their growth has been shown throughout and I’m really happy to see that consistency displayed here. The mysterious nature of this Hollow Forest that has just been introduced is effectively engaging too. It doesn’t feel tacked on, because while the TV World has hardly been explored in this show, Narukami and the others getting to the Hollow Forest through the TV and Margaret’s presence as a guide really cemented it as another corner of this nebulous world. The mystique of the TV World and the seriousness of the gang trying to help their sad friend feels so weighty and engaging that I am really hooked.

For reeling me back in and almost making me forget my complaints of the past by feeling so fresh and so classically Persona 4, I give this episode a 4 out of 5.


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