A Missing Plot- Persona 4 The Golden Animation 9 Review

Persona 4 the Golden Animation –9 A Missing Piece

The latest episode of P4GA proves that you can have heart alongside comedy and mystery. Ardently returning to form in a slightly tiring way, the Seekers of Truth, yet again get their minds warped by a mysterious force more powerful than them. Narukami’s sense that something is off, manifested in some suspenseful and comedic turns that were really enjoyable to watch. Seeing the characters interact and tackle something slippery and much bigger than them is crucial to my enjoyment of this franchise and we got a lot of it here. The Narukami-specific snowstorm that reminded him of the fog sent me a meta-textual nod that felt good to decipher, but the way he received Marie’s comb and Yosuke spoke her name just before the cliffhanger ending felt really contrived. It almost worked on me, but this is another instance where the show’s focus could have been shifted to make the beefy content plentiful, if tough and I end the episode unsatisfied and feeling a little like I wasted my time. I want more from this series. I was pleased to have gone through the series and experienced all the memories the group made with Marie, thereby making them more palatable and nostalgically warm in my heart. The series is effective in getting those kinds of responses out of me, but I felt like I had to wait too long to get to the good stuff, which is addressing the questions of who Marie is, and why and where she has gone. Because the viewers already know this and the pacing makes it feel like the series is almost over it is a letdown and smacks of filler.

For being a lot of sizzle with not much steak, I give this episode 3 out of 5.


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