Done With Gaim- Gaim 41, 42, 43-RX! 080


Ammit and Jonathon discuss and review Kamen Rider Gaim 41-43, which leads to a lot of pleas for comments from listeners explaining what is good about this show and this set of episodes in particular. They also talk about how much better Fourze (AND DIGIMON TAMERS) is at presenting a world where sorrows and pain abound, but people can still make choices and be happy. Ammit says he’ll likely never watch any more Urobuchi made shows, but Jonathon disagrees with that, but pines for Drive. It certainly is a lively discussion that contains a lot of Gaim bashing. Talk to us Gaim fans, we want to hear your opinions.

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3 thoughts on “Done With Gaim- Gaim 41, 42, 43-RX! 080

  1. Minato HAS stated before she likes seeing how far men with power can go.

    Gaim doesn’t need a mentor figure, the growing up tone is more “Trial and error growing up one step at a time” as opposed to “Sitcom parents instilling values growing”, there won’t always be a mentor figure in ones life so its arguably the better one of the two.

    I’m sure Mitchy is/was smitten with Mai much earlier in the series, but thats definitely has slowly became twisted much like his personality.

    As a Gaim Fan, the fact that SOMETHING happens every episode (aside from the many tie-ins and episode 25) is one of the reasons its popular (considering Wizard was a decent percent filler and fan reaction to Fourze was 50/50).

    While objectifying women is appalling (Not to me personally, but i’m just a Machiavellian white male from the American South, so what do i know about subjugation, eh?) considering Japan never really dealt with those things i don’t feel like upholding it to my nation’s standards feel wrong, oh and before Kiva is brought into this, remember this is after the series where 2/3 of the reoccurring female cast is background characters, the one becomes comic relief and one of the background females become VERY plot important rather out of nowhere (I love Den-o BTW) and the one after that the main female lead is essentially a Background Prophet and kinda potential love interest (I rather enjoy Decade).

    • “Trial and error growing up one step at a time” as opposed to “Sitcom parents instilling values growing”

      This isn’t a necessary binary, though, is it? Mentors don’t force flawless growth.

  2. There are a lot of reasons Gaim is warmly received as it is:

    – You have Gen Urobuchi writing it and regardless of what you think of him, he is the most competent writer the franchise has ever had.

    – The fact that you have someone who is writing about the plot and characters first and foremost rather then just writing something for the sake of selling toys.

    – It is much faster paced (like an anime) then anything in the franchise and avoids filler as much as it can, and here’s the most important reason:

    – It’s much different then anything Decade and onward have been (which rehashed two parters with the same formula and cliches). Coming after a show ill received like Wizard (to a small extent OOO and Fourze as well) also helps Gaim’s case

    Despite having references to Kuuga, Ryuki, and 555, Gaim is it’s own fruit beast and like Madoka and other Urobuchi works, is meant to shake things up (like Madoka was to Magical girl shows and Fate/Zero was to heroism). I can understand that Urobuchi’s rather cynical and pessimistic tone and attitudes (in his works) are not for everyone, but there is a reason his works are beloved as they have become.

    Gaim will probably be the first Rider show a lot of people watch because of the “Urobuchi effect” especially for some people who would never even touch Toku to begin with. I do wonder how disappointed they might be when they check out other shows in the franchise and they are nothing like Gaim or Madoka or anything they wanted (since Kamen Rider will always be for the elementary school demographic).

    This is of course just an observation from someone who has seen why people really tend to gush over the show.

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