Kamen Rider Drive NewsDrop – unkamenCast-RX! 079


The Kamen Rider Drive press conference was yesterday and a lot of preliminary information is out. Remember Gaim’s press conference was… not deceitful, but it didn’t accurately represent what the show would be, so don’t be shocked if some of this changes in the show proper. Sono and Ammit discuss all the juicy news that.

Check out the walled garden of Toku news from which Ammit got Drive information.

Or mainline it like Sono did on Tumblr.

Sono’s Kamen Rider Drift is so awesome, I know not how to contain it in this page, so you’ll have to see it in all its flashing glory on Tumblr.

Heart and Brain are in red and purple. Chaser is behind them Tomari (Drive), Kiriko and Jun Honganji crouching by Tridoron.
What a POSTER!

Contact the show unkamencastrx@gmail.com

Or tweet the show @unKamenRX

Ammit @TrialOfHeroes

Sono @SonoYourFace

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3 thoughts on “Kamen Rider Drive NewsDrop – unkamenCast-RX! 079

  1. I’m most pessimistic I have ever been about a Rider show, because of all the horrible sexist things I have heard about Kyoryuger, about the love triangles, hiring the female Rangers exclusively for Koichi Sakamoto to ogle at and the love triangle. Didn’t care for W too much either, so Riku Sanjou isn’t exactly attracting me either.

    I’ll give it 5 episodes and if it manages to offend me in anyway I’m switching off to watch Kiva instead.

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