A Sloppy Cliché – Persona 4 the Golden Animation 7 Review

Persona 4 the Golden Animation –7 It’s Cliché, So What?

I don’t know what the team’s goal was for this episode. It felt disjointed in both content and presentation. The music video of Adachi’s memories was nebulous in direction and therefore effect. What was the purpose? If seeing Adachi’s life was intended to make Yu Question his own actions and motives equally to or more than Adachi’s verbalized accusations, I have a heard time believing that. A waste of four or so minutes is not the kind of thing this show needs; I feel a monologue or dialogue over that section would have helped a lot, but I suppose the team deserves credit for making a bold choice. Too bad it was a misstep. Another mar on the episode was the seemingly off message brutality Yu displayed towards Adachi. I lost count of how many time he hit him, but it seemed uncharacteristic and didn’t really match with the tone, especially because as soon as he and Adachi seem to be making headway in understanding each other, he gets taken over by the eye in the sky. The idea that the two of them took such different paths while being so similar was well presented and it was neat that it was acted out by Yu using Adachi’s Persona. The best thing in this episode, which was unfortunately not interwoven well, may have been Marie chiding Yu for not accepting all the consequences of his actions (somehow hurting Adachi in the course of doing what he saw as kindness and helping Marie) for good and ill. She doesn’t drone on about opportunity costs or eating one’s cake and still having it, but succinctly shakes him from self-doubt and accepting Adachi’s path of isolationist inaction. I think a lot can be read into seeing that dichotomy and making a choice.

For nicely representing a cliché message that resonates with me, but mucking it up with unorthodox chronology that adds little to the narrative, I give this overly-ambitious, mediocre episode a 3 out of 5.


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