Not So Pumped- Persona 4 The Golden Animation 5 Review

Persona 4 the Golden Animation – 5 Let’s Go Get it! Get Pumped!

I have previously made complaints about the murder mystery not being a part of this show and it appears now that that is and isn’t the case. Before I continue I must say that for any work of fiction to be truly successful in my mind it must stand alone. That isn’t to say that a part of a series or trilogy has to give the audience a re-cap so they are up to speed on all the minusha and details that inform the characters, setting and circumstances, but that every piece of a story should stand on its own duirng each installment. Characters acting consistently across multiple settings and operating in a world that fuctions the same way as in other parts of their journeys (except where the narrative explicitly let’s the rules get loopy I.E. altrernate universes) creates stories that can engage new audiences while enriching the experiences of dedicated fans. Because I expect so much from the Persona 4 creative team, I have meted out my judgements accordingly. Last episode was a marked improvement and I had accepted the show as a comletely alternate retelling of events in the same characters lives, but this episode has opened my eyes to a new possibility.

The premise of this episode turns this series into an interesting companipon piece that dovetails with the prior series in a way that somewhat alters events and shows what was happening when the “cameras weren’t rolling” in Persona 4 The Animation. Technically, they are probably taking place in separate continuities, but they do add to each other, especially starting with this episode. The threat of Yosuke moving away works on two levels; new fans see the risk of these friends breaking up and those already familiar with the series have a way to see what they already know in a new light.

I like the animation a lot, though Dojima’s new look does seem a little funny to me. An issue these character designs have always had for me is that they feel to tall, unless all the structures in Inaba are tiny. Why am I talking about that? Because there isn’t much meat on the bones here. The episode was decent; I was entertained, but not compelled.

I get it, I think I see what the creative team is doing, but it doesn’t get me pumped. Actually, Marie’s moment of terror at the trio of Dojima, Nanako and Adachi was an attention grabbing bit, but it was so late in the episode that it cut the impact.

Bottom line: I’m really looking forward to the next episode, but this one deserves no more than a 3 out of 5.


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