Whispers of Rebellion

This information has been culled from a few sources. I’ll put my bias here: I have been excited about this show from the first official tidbit of information was released and the following has me even more excited. The information below is by no means exhaustive. More.

-The Easter Egg laden Star Wars rebels is staffed by a gammit of Star Wars fans, ranging from those who saw the original classic as kids to those who love The Phantom Menace because of their own childhood nostalgia. Dave Filoni and Simon Kinberg discuss the inter-connectivity of story telling that will henceforth come from Disney Lucasfilm. Everything matters now (except the Filoni kosher-certified Orbesh scrawled on posters and in the backgrounds) whether on the small screen, in books, or comics. Rebels is intended to have a cinematic feel and weight. The creative team wants to please older fans, delight current fans and captivate new audiences who will identify the cast of 5 and the story of the burgeoning rebellion against the Empire as their Star Wars.

Beyond the custom designed digital brushes, built to capture Ralph Mc Quarrie’s painting technique and style and the emulation of the original lightsaber’s manner, the Rebels team is pulling deeply from the well of magic that spell bound so many in Star Wars. Kinberg told Erin Robinson of Clevver Movies the show will be character-driven and will feel like Star Wars in this interview.

-Luminara Unduli is alive and a prisoner of the Empire. It appears the rebels try to free her. Artoo and Threepio also make an appearance, as does Bail Organa who now owns them.

[Extended Trailer]

-In Eric Goldman’s IGN interview with Amy Ratcliffe who saw the hour-long debut of Star Wars Rebels at San Diego Comic Con, she said that the crowd loved it and she is excited to see more of the show when it debuts in October. She says It felt familiar and fresh.


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