unKamenCast-RX! 074 Rotten


UPDATE: V2 posted with better audio for Aleph.

Aleph and Ammit discuss and review Kamen Rider Gaim 37-38. Of course they call out the bad, but they also talk about a some of the good in these two episodes. One of the best is the Inves in 37.

Oh and the Frozen parody has been delayed for quality control. lyrics are done, music has been acquired, now we just need time to record the vocal track and possibly a volunteer to sing Takatora’s part.

Contact the show unkamencastrx@gmail.com

Or tweet the show @unKamenRX

Aleph @NeedsMoreAleph

Ammit @TrialOfHeroes



5 thoughts on “unKamenCast-RX! 074 Rotten

  1. Uhm, I’m pretty sure Kouta had those telekinesis powers, when he attacked the Yggdrasil tower.
    The movie tie in reminded me, that Sagara was much more entartaining as a Dj rather than “I’m not the main bad guy, I promise!” role in recent episodes.

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