The First Kamentary – unKamenCast-RX! 072


Join Aleph, Ammit and GomessQ for a running Kamentary on Kamen Rider the First! We cover this 2005… badassified soft re-boot/alternate telling of the 1972 classic story by Shotaro Ishinomouri. It is definitely an interesting thing to discuss.

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One thought on “The First Kamentary – unKamenCast-RX! 072

  1. I watched this movie as a teenager, I think just about after watching the original show for the first time, and even then I thought it was underwhelming bore and preferred the original, and my opinion on the movie has never improved since.

    Its a movie that doesn’t know what it wants to do, like you guys said.

    And here’s my take on the Acronym. Now, I’m going to rely on that my really crazy reading of Shocker as a nigh-mythical force within the human consciousness that pushes itself towards self-destruction through impulses and the knife behind the smile.

    So naturally, I decided that a more mantra than a straight up acronym. So I decided on
    “The Sangha, Holiest Of Creations, Kindly Engineers Revolution “.
    Sangha of course is from Buddhism and means “community”, one of the Three Jewels. Since Great Leader of Shocker was supposedly of Buddhist origin, a monk who had reached a horrific, soul hollowing rendition of enlightenment, it would be natural some aspects of those religious ideas are still there. Ad obviously, Shocker is also an organization comprised of many.

    “Holiest of Creations”, since obviously Shocker consider themselves above humanity and the logical next step.

    “Kindly Engineers Revolution”. Remember after all, that Shocker did masquerade itself as a progressive society, of which that can engineer the creation of a new world to topple the old broken one.

    That’s my take on the whole S.H.O.C.K.E.R thing.

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