Marveled By Babs

I am not a fan of Western Comics by any means. I collected comics for a few years, but didn’t actually read them up to the point that I wasted hundreds of dollars. Then I quit buying them all together except for some select manga over the years. That may have to change for a time.

I have heard rumblings about Captain Marvel for a few months now, things were going to be different: Captain Marvel would be the woman who used to be Ms Marvel (who the 90’s X-Men cartoon taught me is the source or Rouge’s super powers) and she would be treated quite seriously. I was interested, but unmotivated to start buying again. A few months later, I heard more. Marvel Comics had apparently let the creative team behind Captain Marvel make her a tier one heavy hitter. Now that is exciting.

I was already excited to pick up a trade of Captain Marvel when it comes out and then the Batgirl images came out today. I am confident that at some point things will go back to being disappointing or a crisis will arise and wreak havoc on the quality of either or both titles, but interesting and equal representation of these female heroes is going to coax money out of this very selective comic book purchaser’s wallet.


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