Snacking On Wicked Hearts

Ammit is my idol. OK, that is a little extreme. I am just fixated on the idea of this entity who is tasked with punishing the wicked after they have been judged and condemned in the afterlife. There are a lot of things that are convenient about that, both for any alleged deity as well as for their followers.

Justice delayed is not justice denied, because everyone will get what they deserve in the end. That isn’t true in our day to day lives. Whether people self-righteously think they will be included in an exclusive club, while their tormentors and those who are undeserving will have their hearts drop into reach for Ammit to feast on them; or if they more benignly hope to be free from oppressors and strife in a paradise that only the pure of heart may enter, that hope can be enough to carry people through loss and mistreatment.

My hope in goodness and justice is sometimes manifest in the heroes of fiction, our modern day legends. But what happens when mortal men are the authors of legend and their views are incongruous with mine or yours or “true” justice? Those heroes fail and fall in my esteem. Because no costumed or armored heroes write themselves or create the universes in which their tales play out, someone must be held accountable for the troubling and messages they mightily fly on banners so proud and cool looking. Content creators must be responsible for what their pop-deities do, but what about us?

What responsibility do viewers, readers and movie-goers have? I won’t speak for you, but I feel I must say something. Sexism, misogyny, bigotry and elitism should not be traits of heroes. This traits can be overlooked by fans, or hidden by creators, so I strive to push aside the flare and truley hear what these people have to say. Heroes must be measured and weighed and if they are found to be corrupt, well that is where Ammit takes over.


3 thoughts on “Snacking On Wicked Hearts

  1. You’re totally right; what we really need is to copy-paste the same prototypical hero into every story over and over again without any unique character traits.

    Characters are always much more interesting when they have no flaws at all and conform to my own personal views. I can’t wait to read your fan rewrites of fiction’s greatest protagonists as ultra-liberal feminist mouthpieces!

    • I hope you stick around to see more of what I mean. Call me out for ironing out the wrinkles of every character and making them all rainbow-pooping unicorn love machine automaton fueled by the tears of privileged white men. Praise me for doing something that doesn’t conform to your own personal views, when some of the issues I point out have weight to them. I look forward to hearing more of your comments. I have an intended goal, but do not take it upon myself as dogma which can never be altered.

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