Nago Is The Worst – Kiva Class 2 – unKamenCast-RX! 057


Subject: Kamen Rider Kiva 7-14

Hosts: GomessQ, IllustratorClaire and MC Pez Feat. Nejerion

We go right back into Kiva with gusto and have a long-o
convo about the good and bad. A lot of rich discussion about the
writing, gender politics and the human condition in general stems from
this well written show. If you are one of those anti-Kiva or anti-Inoue
people based solely on reputation, you may want to listen to what we have
to say about it and approach the show with an open mind. We go full
spoilers but mostly just refer to what happened without divulging how it
went down, which seems to be a good balance. All you need to know about
this stretch of episodes is: Nago is a demon, Megumi is a beneficent
goddess and Wataru is becoming a man.

Please send us your feedback on Kiva and the shifts talked about in
-RX! Please try to avoid spoilers, but let you voice be heard we want to
know what you think about the show.

Need more Kiva discussion? Luckily for you we are dedicated to Riderology, so get yourself schooled now!

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